XAT Answer key 2018 – Sets A, B, C, D : Xavier Aptitude Test will be conducted by XLRI (Xavier School of Management). Next XAT exam will be expected to going to be conducted by XLRI on January 2018. After the exam answer key will be updated here.

XAT answer key 2018 – will be published on our webpage after exam. This answer key will be very helpful for the candidates to get some idea about how much mark they’ve scored in XAT exam, and this test will be helpful to use for further clarifications and improvements.

(Please do notice that, XAT results are not yet published. The details are provided in this webpage is according to the last year brochure of XLRI. After the exam results published, we will update the same here.)

XAT 2018

XAT 2018 will be conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur, for the merit admission in their college for academic year of 2018-2020. Many other colleges also accept XAT score for merit based admission.

XAT 2018 Exam Pattern

  • In every year XAT exam will be held in the month January.
  • XAT exam will be having two parts. I.e., Part I & Part II.
  • Under Part I there will be 3 subsections, those are;
  1. Verbal Ability.
  2. Decision Making.
  3. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation.
  • There will be negative marking also, so be careful before you’re going to answer each questions. The negative marking clause included below.
  1. 1/4th (one fourth) mark will be deducted for one wrong answer in Part I.
  2. For every unattempted question over 12, there will be 0.05 mark deduction.
  • Exam Method
Section Number of Questions Time (In Minutes)
Part I Verbal Ability 24 175
Decision Making 21
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 27
Part II General Knowledge 25 35
  • XAT exam is an overall 210 minute longer exam including two parts.
  • Part I contains total 72 questions, including all three sub sections.
  • Part II contains total 25 general knowledge questions followed by an essay.
  • This exam is a Pen-Paper based exam.
  • Marking Method:
  1. All questions carry equal marks
  2. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer.
  3. There will be a deduction of 0.05 marks for every unattempted questions, however they won’t cut your marks for the first 12 unattempts.

XAT 2017 Exam Method

The exam was conducted to analyze the ability of candidates in solving problematic queries. The exam was conducted in two parts on last year; those are Part I & Part 2. You can get exam pattern as per last year’s method. The exam pattern of XAT 2018 will be published here shortly after the information brochure published.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern

XAT 2017 was conducted by XLRI on pen-paper mode. The details of time duration and marking method are listed below.

  • Duration: Including both two parts, total time of examination was 210 minutes.
  • Part 1 was included a total of 72 questions from 3 subparts.
  • Part 2 was included a total number of 25 General Knowledge questions followed by one essay.
  • Exam mode was pen-paper.
  • Marking method:
  1. All questions carry equal marks
  2. For each incorrect answer there was a negative marking of 0.25 marks.
  3. For every unattempted answer there was a negative marking of 0.05 marks; however they didn’t done this penalty for first 12 unattempted answers.

XAT 2017 Answer Keys

Here you can check the answer keys of XAT 2017 exam. It is better to check answer keys of previous year question paper’s before you’re going to attempt the exam, this provide you some understanding and you can get to know that how the exam works.

Q. No Set A Set B Set C Set D
1 B B B E
2 B E B B
3 E B B B
4 B B E B
5 C C E E
6 E A C C
7 A E A A
8 D E D D
9 C D C C
10 E C D E
11 D D C D
12 C C E C
13 C D C D
14 A B A B
15 D C D C
16 D A D A
17 B D B D
18 C E E C
19 A A A A
20 D E E D
21 E B B E
22 A C C A
23 E A A E
24 B D D B
25 E D E D
26 D B D B
27 C E D E
28 D D B D
29 B C D C
30 C D B D
31 D B C B
32 B C C C
33 B E C E
34 A A E A
35 C E A E
36 E B E C
37 A A A E
38 E C E A
39 A E B B
40 E A A A
41 D C C C
42 A B B B
43 C D D D
44 B D D D
45 D A A A
46 D D D D
47 B A B B
48 B B B B
49 A B A B
50 B B B A
51 C C E C
52 C D A D
53 C E D C
54 D E A C
55 E D C E
56 A E C A
57 D C C D
58 E C D E
59 E C C C
60 C E E A
61 E E E E
62 A A A E
63 E E E E
64 D D D D
65 A A A A
66 A E A E
67 C D C D
68 B B B B
69 A A A A
70 E A E A
71 C D C D
72 B B B B


XAT 2017 General Knowledge Answer Keys

Q. No Set A Set B Set C Set D
1 E B D D
2 B E B C
3 B B C D
4 E B A A
5 D E A C
6 B D D D
7 E B C A
8 B C D A
9 B A A E
10 E A C C
11 D D D W
12 B C A B
13 C D A B
14 A A E E
15 A C C D
16 D D E B
17 C A B E
18 D A B B
19 A E E B
20 C C D E
21 D E B D
22 A B E B
23 A B B C
24 E E B A
25 C D E A


Last year XAT entrance contained four sections as; General Knowledge, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Verbal and Logical Ability.

In every year question paper method changes, so the number of questions also. We have included an analysis on last few years XAT exam question paper. Take a looks at this.

Sections & Questions XAT 2014 XAT 2013 XAT 2012
English Language & Logical Reasoning 28 30 32
Decision Making 24 25 25
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation 31 36 28
General Knowledge 20 30 35


Best of luck!

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