What Are The Futuristic Career Options For A Class 12 Science Student?

24 Mar, 2022

Senior secondary school builds the foundation for a student to choose the career that matches the aspirant’s interest. Pursuing some rewarding undergraduate degree programmes after the 12th will help the students grow more with flying colours. There are innumerable courses that students from the Science background with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subjects can choose. From becoming an engineer to a CA or social worker, students can build their lucrative career path by choosing ample high salary courses after 12th science PCM.

Learning about the different options after the 12th may help you finalise the best option for you. This article will explore the most sought-after career options after 12th science PCM and their job opportunities.

    Courses You Can Pursue After Class 12 Science PCM


    B.Tech is a four-year undergraduate degree programme that deals with engineering and technology. The course’s main objective is to impart practical knowledge on applied engineering concepts under diverse specialisations. B.Tech is a highly skilled and data-oriented course that focuses more on application-based engineering studies that enable the students to gain practical exposure during the coursework.

    Moreover, B.Tech is the gateway to an extensive range of career opportunities across various industries and sectors. The job opportunities for B.Tech graduates are tremendous in technical and non-technical areas. Besides the core roles, the engineers can also be employed as Consultants, Researchers, Subject Matter Experts, Managers, etc.

    A list of some of the popular areas and firms that B.Tech holders can choose to work is mentioned below:

    • Telecommunications and networking
    • Programming and software development
    • Information systems operation and management
    • Image processing, graphics, and multimedia
    • Training and support

    B.A. (Hons.) Economics

    B.A. Economics Hons is a three-year undergraduate programme that deals with learning detailed aspects based on which an economy runs and with scrutinising and examining them. The course covers the definition, scope, production, concepts, limitations, utility, market, and other important aspects of economics. 

    Furthermore, B.A. Economics Hons scope is huge and enables the students to seek a career in the areas including  Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Financial Information Firms, Manufacturing Firms, International Trade Companies, etc.

    Some of the job roles after the course are:

    • Budget Analyst
    • Sales Executive
    • Business Writer
    • Economist
    • Market Analyst
    • Bank Teller
    • Research Assistant

    B.A. LLB (Hons.) 

    B.A. LLB is a five-year integrated law course that provides the students with vital knowledge about the legal aspects of the country. Moreover, there are numerous job opportunities for B.A. LLB Hons graduates in private sectors and government jobs.

    Some of the rewarding job roles that open up to the graduates are:

    • Legal Counsel
    • Contractor
    • Attorney General
    • Law Reporter
    • Magistrate
    • Legal Advisor
    • Munsif (Sub-Magistrate)
    • Notary
    • Trustee
    • Public Prosecutor

     BBA LLB Hons

    BBA LLB (Hons) is a five-year integrated course that imparts the skills and understanding of business administration and law under one degree through various methods, including classroom teaching, moot courts and case studies.

    Some of the job opportunities after BBA LLB (Hons) are:

    • Lawyer
    • Solicitor
    • Advocate
    • Legal Advisor
    • Teacher or Lecturer 


    BBA is a three-year undergraduate degree programme that deals with providing students knowledge regarding commerce, business, marketing, administration and enables them to develop their business sense and entrepreneurial skills to become influential leaders and managers in the future.

    BBA subjects incorporate topics including general management, managerial economics, organisational behaviour, accounting, cost accounting, business law, marketing, etc., to prepare students with all the aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.

    There are plenty of job opportunities for BBA graduates in finance, marketing, banking, human resources, accounting firms, etc.

    Courses after 12th PCM is an important path that starts the journey of achieving several forthcoming milestones. It’s the time when students are ready for numerous booming opportunities in order to excel in their future. Hence the students must research various job oriented courses after 12th science to get acquainted with their personal interests and relevant areas for them.


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