Tricks to Follow for RBSE 12th Board 2019 Preparation

25 Aug, 2018
Tricks to Follow for RBSE 12th Board 2019 Preparation

Tricks to Follow for RBSE 12th Board 2019 Preparation- Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education is one autonomous board exam conducting body that spells out 10th and 12th board examinations every consecutive year for all the affiliated students. All the students from both private and public schools try that they get into the best scores at the end of the academic year after the long season of hard work and determination, respectively. There are some of the most important strategies that the students must adapt in order to score the best in the board examinations.

How to relieve stress during the 12th Board examinations?

All the students of 12th standards appearing in the board examination in the current academic year 2018-19 sessions can drive out the stress within fraction of seconds by just following some of the most comprehensive step by step process.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet during the examination season to drive out all sickness or fatigue
  2. Make sure that you take naps in between the examination preparations
  3. All the students must keep calm and do not indulge into the habit of stressing into the hard concepts for long
  4. Drink a lot of water that refreshes you at intervals and drives out dizziness
  5. Board exam imposes a lot of pressure, but stay confident and do not lose focus and stay stuck to your concentration for the hours you study

    Stream Strategies (Science/Arts/Commerce)

    There are three streams as per to the knowledge of everyone namely, science, arts and commerce, respectively. Every year numerous students opt for the three separate streams according to their choice and convenience.

    Arts/Humanities: The Arts stream is popularly known as the Humanities stream which is a popular stream opted by several students across the country every consecutive year according to their interests on the subjects or branches that it includes namely, Psychology, Political Science, English or any other language subjects, Economics, Sociology, History, Geography and Informatics practices. The subjects included in the Arts stream are functional and subjective which require elongated answers for all the subjects separately. The answers are to prepared by the students according to the marks designated to the both long answer type and short answer type questions, respectively. Creativity is what works in this stream, that is the students must make sure that they are coping with the chapters by reading them again and again, understanding them, making notes of the same, and at last evaluating themselves through self studies and practicing large numbers of sample question papers.

    Preparing Strategies:

    1. All the applicants must make sure that they understand each and every concept well to relate answers in the examinations as one chapter is interrelated to one another.
    2. The sample question papers of the previous years must be practiced by all the candidates so that they grasp an idea of the question which have stroked the examinations in the past years and get questions in common for the current academic year. Once they build a knack with the questions it becomes easy for them to solve the same as they already are into practice.
    3. Arts concepts are very subjective and the answers must be written in points suiting the marking scheme mentioned for both long and short answer type questions in the questions, comprehensively. The questions are not always so direct but are designed to suit the intelligence and creativity of the students both to test the same.
    4. The answers in Arts for all the subjects are time consuming and thus, the students must plan how to answer each of them so that they do not lag behind any factors.

    Commerce: Commerce is meant to be the intellect stream which requires calculations, trick solving capabilities and an effective answering capability on the part of the students who lay their interests in the same, respectively. All the students across the country who aim to opt for the commerce stream dwell through some of the efficient subjects like the Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, English or any other language subjects and Mathematics as well. All the subjects have all sorts of classifications and objective sources that have to be dealt with great patience by all the students subjected to the same.

    Preparation Strategies:

    1. Mathematics is a completely calculation dependent subject which is completely based upon the mental speed of the students and the practice purposes. All the students must make sure that they are practicing the mathematics by themselves even if they have accomplished an understanding the sums at coaching and schools.
    2. The Business studies and economics is to be always kept in touch by the students and understood well. There are a lot of classifications and definitions for the business studies and lot of remembrance concepts in both Micro and Macro economics which has to be dealt with great confidence and determination.
    3. Self study regularly is very essential on the part of all the students in the Commerce stream as the wearing off the concepts might happen while they keep in touch with a large number of concepts altogether. So, they must make sure that they are revising what is taught to memorize them till the examination session ends.
    4. Practicing a large number of sample question papers of different yet trusted publications remains necessary for all the students as the students develop their confidence and cohesiveness for the subjects, comprehensively.
    5. Keeping up patience and confidence on the self preparation must be enhanced by all the students. This is because if one is confident with what one is doing, then nothing can become the obstacle.

    Science: Science needs objective answers with logic present in all its answers whether it is a long answer type question or a short answer type question. It includes subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Information Practices as well. The Science students seem to be very serious for the whole two years of the high school and this is because they hold coaching for all the subjects almost and they prepare for NEET and JEE as well. They owe a lot of pressure in the grounds of studies in school, self as well as the coaching’s as well.

    Preparation Strategies:

    1. The students need to keep calm and hold confidence over themselves so that they do not wear out of patience for the whole year.
    2. The students hold a very busy schedule for the whole year and thus, they need to allocate appropriate time to all the subjects included in their syllabus and also take out time for self study as well. Apart from the coaching’s, the students ought to manage time for their own studies as well.
    3. All the subjects are scoring if taken into serious considerations by all the students and thus, seeks attention on the part of the candidates as only coaching does not make them perfect with things. All the candidates must remember formulas, practice the equations, sums and also make sure that they continue to regularly study all the concepts to keep in track with the concepts, comprehensively.
    4. All students are advised to carry on with their preparations with the previous year question papers which acts as a practice for them. The more they practice the same questions, the more they get used to the questions arriving in the examinations, respectively. Constant practice will refurbish the concepts and clarify the concepts the students hold doubts in.

    Best Prescribed Books:

    Apart from the NCERT prescribed books all the students can incline or say, rely upon the Pradeep and V.K Ohri for Physics, Dinesh for Chemistry along with Together With, and Full Marks and Dinesh for Biology. Moreover the students can abide by the following article for more information about how to prepare for all the streams on time, before the commencement of the examinations.


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