Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019

05 Sep, 2018
Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019

Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019- No matter which state or country one belongs to, the selection of school on the part of the parents to choose the best schools for their children in order to flourish their futures not only academically, but socially, culturally as well as globally. There are a lot of criteria that the students must take into account while opting for renewals in admissions. The quality of education, the experience of the faculty, the infrastructure, and the availability of the facilities, the campus space, and the hygiene maintained in the canteens and washrooms and also the ratings of the schools are taken into consideration by the parents and the students seeking out for admissions in the Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019. The article has been formulated with the aim of enlightening the admission aspirants with the list of popular schools in Maharashtra which have gained momentum in garnering the best results with the best availabilities. The schools of Maharashtra that have been enlisted below are the top schools according to the keen analysis of their past year records and achievements.

Schooling is the most important activity on the part of the parents to allot the best quality education to their children. It is very essential for the students across the state of Maharashtra and all across the country of India to acquire the best amenities during the course of school education and be provided all the opportunities required for their refurbished upbringing.

Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019 Enlisted

Serial Number Names of Schools
1. Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
2. Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai
3. Jamna Bai Narsee School, Mumbai
4. Ryan International School,Goregaon, Mumbai
5. St Mary’s School ICSE, Mazgaon, Mumbai
6. Bombay International School, Mumbai
7. Hiranandani Foundation School,Powai, Mumbai
8. St. Xavier’s Boys Academy, Marine Lines, Mumbai
9. Gopi Birla Public School, Mumbai
10. Utpal Shanghvi School, Mumbai
11. DPS Vashi, Navi Mumbai
12. Ryan International School, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
13. Apeejay School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
14. GD Somani Memorial School, Mumbai
15. Poddar International School, Santacruz West, Mumbai
16. Christ Church School, Clare Road, Mumbai
17. St. Mary’s, Navi Mumbai
18. St. Augustines High School, Navi Mumbai
19. Sacred Heart, Navi Mumbai
20. St. Xavier School, Airoli, Navi Mumbai
21. Atomic Energy Central School, Thane
22. UWC Mahindra College of India, Pune
23. The Orchid School, Pune
24. Sanjay Ghodawat International School, Kolhapur
25. Jain Heritage A Cambridge School, Nagpur
26. The Jain International School, Aurangabad
27. The Heritage Pune
28. N L Dalmia High School, Thane
29. St Francis High School, Nasik
30. St Johns High School, Jalna
  1. Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

    The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai has built its reputation in the country in general and state of Maharashtra in particular with the aim of offering its students excellent academics and an environment that helps them learn how to learn and also adapt themselves as the idols of generosity, discipline as well as robust intellectual beings till posterity. Not only does the school furnish the children aligning with academics but has also made the children expose to the co-curricular activities as well as the courage and skill to face any challenges that may come in future regarding any prospects. Since its establishment in the year, 1860 by the Anglo-Scottish Education Society the schools have come up with imminent alumnus since years trained under the expert educators educated and discovered from not only the country but abroad as well.

    Admission Procedures:

    For Lower First:

    The parents are expected to access the online admission form and fill it within the time of June and July of every consecutive year, respectively. The registration charges are worth Rs. 2000 which is also expected to be paid through the online mode along with the attachment of the documents essential like the passport sized photos, photocopies of the birth certificate in jpeg or pdf format.

    For Standards II to IX:

    All the students who expect to gain admission from II to IX standards can make sure that they are filling out an application form and submitting it along with payment and documents required in the month of September to December of the same academic year. Incomplete applications are disqualified, applications after the last date will never be accepted and no personal conversations with the principal regarding the same will be entertained.

    For XI and XII Admissions:

    The students who wish to apply for the admission procedures in standards XI to XII must make sure that they apply through the application process where they ought to mention the Child’s name, School studying in, Contact numbers, Standard ( XI A or XI B), respectively.

    Attachment of Documents with the Application Form:

    • Results of the standard IX, X, and Preliminary Examinations. (photocopies only) must be attached with the form
    • Copy of Birth Certificate of the candidates photocopied
    • The form must be submitted before the last prescribed date by the institution.
    • Certificates of co-curricular/extracurricular activities (photocopies only) must be attached so that it increases the credentials.
    • Inquiries regarding applications that have been submitted will not be entertained. The school will contact you only in case of a vacancy of seats.
    • Contact numbers and emails are essential so that if there is any vacancy on the part of the school, the students may get updated.
    • Late and incomplete applications will be disqualified.
    1. Jamna Bai Narsee School, Mumbai

    The Jamnabai Narsee School is situated in the Western extracts of Mumbai which is a prestigious educational institution among all other institutions which have earned momentum since years of inception. The school is affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education as well as holds the facilities for students in regard with the National Institute of Open Schooling at the secondary level of education. The aim of the institution has always been to trigger the talents of the students getting admissions and in turn, enhance their nature not only academically, but also culturally, socially, globally as well. With the motto, “Knowledge is Strength”, the school holds its cadres in maintaining immense discipline and academic excellence even beyond the classroom.

    Admission procedures:

    The online application form for all the standards is made available on the official website of the school itself, for both ICSE and NIOS, respectively.

    The admission procedures begin in the month of September every consecutive year and the parents of the students are expected to submit the same, comprehensively.

    With the admission form, the student’s documents like their photocopied birth certificate, previous year result record sheet, and also their passport sized photographs as well.

    The admission form ought to submit along with their documents and payment within the prescribed time. Thus, if the same is not done the students may suffer discrepancies.

    1. The Ryan International Group

    The Ryan International Group has made its inception since the year 1976 and from then it has made a promising impact in the academic land of Mumbai. Not only does the school invent new options in spheres of academic for the students, but also assure that they inherit all the expected skills to prove as the best global citizens in the future. The institution believes in expanding the resources and channelizes the students towards the qualitative learning beyond the classroom limits. Ryan International Group of Institutions is recognized by Guinness World Record for participating in the world’s largest charity donation. The Ryan Global School, Andheri has ranked 10th in The World Education Conference, received the “Education World India School Rankings 2016 award”. Moreover, the school has its own manner of making the students way more vigilant and aware of the use of digital tools, framed by the support of the educated teachers. There are some essential criteria that the school educators really make an effort to focus upon and they are as follows;

    1. Communication and collaboration of the educators and the students
    2. The creativity and innovation in the technological world
    3. Critical thinking and problem-solving spheres
    4. Ensuring top-notch education and in-depth scrutiny on debates and discussions

    Admission Procedures:

    The admission procedure is very simple and reliable to the institution. This is because the online admission form is expected to be filled by the students by entering the valid details in vacant places with an attachment of essential documents like the photocopy of birth certificate, the name of the previous year result records along.

    The payment prospects along with form submission must be made within the prescribed time by the institution as any delay will lead to the loss of a seat.

    1. St Mary’s School ICSE, Mazgaon, Mumbai

    All the ICSE affiliated students in the St Mary’s School ICSE, Mazgaon, Mumbai have manufactured a better self by the innovations made by the educators with advanced technology and powerful tools of knowledge the children are acquainted with the app development, coding, empowering the cultural and social skills of the children up to 12th standard by broadening their mental and physical horizons.  The school not only is faculty accomplished but also facilitates the children with the good air-conditioned and maintained classrooms, washrooms, library, auditorium, smart classes, and spacious sports complexes.

    Admission procedures:

    The students are facilitated by being provided an online application form for all the standards from Kindergarten to XI standard students every consecutive year in the month of April for an application fee of Rs. 100, respectively. You will further need to attach the scanned copies of your passport sized photos in jpeg or pdf format, along with the photocopies of the previous year performance and birth certificate.

    1. Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

    Established in the year 1847, the Bombay Scottish School has excelled among other famous educational institution offering education to all students at the school. The school is firmly affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and accomplishes excellent results every year from the affiliated students by covering their cultural, social, moral as well as global personalities. It is an English medium co-ed school where the boys and girls are classified into four houses namely, blue, green, yellow and red implying separate pledge and contribution towards the school academically. The students must make sure that they are participating in both inter-house as well as intra house activities not only in academics but also in other extracurricular activities as well to develop as an all-rounder.

    The school is embedded with numerous facilities namely, well-spaced classrooms, well-maintained libraries (2), an auditorium for performance every year, Medical Rooms, laboratories separately for all the subjects namely, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well as smart classrooms. There are two computer labs which are air-conditioned and well spaced so that there is no crowd uttering for space. Lastly, there is a profound lab for primary sections and robotics classes respectively ensuring all comforts on the part of the students.

    Admission procedures:

    For the admission interested students of all the standards, the parents are expected to download the online admission form which needs to be filled exclusively with the valid and current information and details on the part of the students. Then comes the online payment option whose fees amount is mentioned in the official portal of the particular school. The students or their parents must make sure that the forms are not submitted after the prescribed date of submission as it brings discrepancies into concern and invalidates the admission activity.

    The article above has been articulated with the aim of bringing the concerns of the parents and the students in the state of Maharashtra to the Top Schools in Maharashtra for the academic year 2018-19. Every parent seeks to invest in the best schooling for his or her child and thus, the article enlightens the parents with the same. All the students who are immensely interested in taking place in the Top Schools in Maharashtra 2019 must make sure that they are referring to the above article to gain the latest updates of the rank of the schools and then decide which to select for their children for their education, respectively.


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