Top 7 Success Tips for ICSE Board Examinations 2019

20 Nov, 2018
Top 7 Success Tips for ICSE Board Examinations 2019

ICSE stands for the Indian Certificate Board of Secondary Education. It is a renowned regulatory body which is responsible for conducting both 10th and 12th board examinations every consecutive year for all the students who study in both private and public schools affiliated to the ICSE. Every year thousands of students take the step towards quality education and perform really well in the board examinations under ICSE affiliations from all the streams in class 12. The council conducts examination at the National level with ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) for class 10 and ISC (Indian School Certificate) for class 12, respectively. ICSE is popularly used to mention the certificate of the students after the completion of the course that is mentioned separately as ICSE and ISC unlike other state and national level education boards conducting the same examinations. There is a specialty in the ICSE syllabus or curriculum that keeps it apart from the other boards that its curriculum for the fresh year includes the recap of the concepts that the students had learnt in the previous year for a revival and comprehension. Projects or assignments attain a lot of attention by all the students in the ICSE education that not only checks the performance of the students theoretically but also their creative knowledge and competency.

  1. Understanding the Concepts: All the board exam applicants must make sure that they indulge into the preparation of the all the concepts that are included in the curriculum. Time must be effectively divided to each and every concept accurately so that the students can get all the tough as well as easy concepts clarified. All the chapters from all the subjects are not equally tough or easy and it depends on the students how they cope with the same and how much time they take for accomplishing all the concepts.
  2. Time Consistency and Distribution: All the students have to be smart enough to make sure that they are sensible enough to divide ample time to all the subjects uniformly so that they do not have to deal with the tough concepts at the end of the academic year and thus, lag behind time and understanding. Maintaining a consistency in the time divided to each of the concepts included in the curriculum makes the chances of the scoring high.
  3. Revising the concepts- Irrespective of the difficulty level of the concepts in the curriculum, the students must save ample time to revise them with satisfaction. Everything one learns cannot build complete satisfaction and confidence unless and until the concepts are regularly revised with proper concentration and understanding motives. Revising and practicing the concepts again and again makes things simpler than when they were read first. The understanding level gets height and the answers get easily framed.
  4. Refer the top notch publications: All the books or reference guides and question and answer series are not always useful when you do not have any idea about their helpfulness. The language of the book must be comprehensible, the answers must relate the concepts of the chapters at every point, define the marking structure, as well as answer both the short as well the long answer type questions, comprehensively.
  5. Practice Several Sample Question Papers of Previous Years: Practicing always solves the slightest as well as enormous issues underlying a problem. The previous 5 to 10 years sample questions papers depict the pattern of the questions, the marking structure of all the short as well long answer questions, and also help the students to understand the importance of writing the answers in the correct format as demanded by the board examiners and that will help them score the highest.
  6. Keep your mind Calm: The students who are the ICSE board applicants must face all the problems with a calm and consistent mindset. All that needs to be done is that they must build confidence in themselves by inculcating a habit of regular study and dividing into the time for all the separate subjects from the tough to easy concepts according to the comprehending capacity of the students. For instance, some may find mathematics tough and must contribute more time to the same than the subjects that they find easier.
  7. Have Faith in Yourself: Nothing is going to keep you moving with pace other than faith and confidence in yourself. Thus, all the students must make sure that they are devoted towards an aim of scoring the highest in the ICSE for the current academic year. Once you align with faith in yourself, no one can make you lose in the journey of examinations.

The article above is purely conceptual based with an aim to explain all the board applicants about how to prepare the best for the ICSE examinations. If the students want to count on some of the best strategies to score, then the above mentioned would be the most ideal.


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