Tips to Obtain Good Score in CBSE 12th Science 2019

20 Dec, 2018
Tips to Obtain Good Score in CBSE 12th Science 2019

CBSE 12th Science Preparation Strategies- The 12th board applicants require a good preparation before they appear for the board examinations in the month of March and April 2018-19. There are three streams that are chosen by the students according to their interest as well as their convenience. Science comes to be objective, technical as well as subject to conceptual knowledge. Science includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which is aimed around discovering every theorem, formula as well as solutions related to the subjects that have been mentioned above. the Commerce stands apart from two other streams for being navigating the students to topics related to accounts, management, business, and entrepreneurship. Humanities or Arts refers to the stream or branch of disciplines that allows its students to indulge in political science, sociology, psychology and other subjects related to the same. It is thus, essential for the students to make their own strategies according to the accurate date sheet which includes all the dates of the examinations as well as the subject names and codes. The students can go through the article to acknowledge the CBSE 12th Science Preparation Strategies that are suitable for most of the students.

Subject Syllabus:

    Biology: Biology is hereditarily a scoring subject where students need to memorize and become confident about all the answers to the direct objective questions. Biology is patterned with 70% easy to attempt questions with 20% miscellaneous or high order thinking questions. The questions are motivated towards testing the thinking credibility of the students and the way they trigger the solutions for the same.

    Best Books Prescribed for Biology

    • Chand Publishing by BP Pandey
    • ‘Pradeep’s – A Textbook for Biology’
    Unit Title Marks
    VI Reproduction 14
    VII Genetics and Evolution 18
    VIII Biology and Human Welfare 14
    IX Biotechnology and its Applications 10
    X Ecology and Environment 14
      Total 70

    Chemistry: The paper of Chemistry remains quiet easier comparatively. So, all the board applicants plan steadily to answer al l the questions well and direct efficient answers for all the questions, comprehensively. There are more of reasoning or reason-to-state questions that evaluate the student’s knowledge and credentials. Moreover, organic chemistry is given more weightage than the inorganic and physical chemistry in the board examination questions.

    Best Books Prescribed for Chemistry

    • Pradeep’s Chemistry
    • P. Tandon
    • NCERT prescribed book
    Unit Title Marks
    I Solid State 23
    II Solutions
    III Electrochemistry
    IV Chemical Kinetics
    V Surface Chemistry
    VI Isolation of Elements 19
    VII p-Block Elements
    VIII d- and f-Block Elements
    IX Coordination Compounds
    X Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 28
    XI Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    XII Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    XIII Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
    XIV Biomolecules
    XV Polymers
    XVI Chemistry in Everyday Life
      Total 70

    Mathematics: Mathematics provokes practice. The man who has been satisfaction with his practice in mathematics is the one who suits the subject well. The students must always keep in mind that they are to face a lengthy and tricky paper in the board examination. Calculus, Vectors & Dimensional Geometry is given more weightage rather than any other chapters that are included in the book for mathematics for 12th boards.

    Best Books Prescribed for Mathematics

    • RS Aggarwal
    • ML Khanna
    • D Sharma
    Unit Topic Marks
    I. Relations and Functions 10
    II. Algebra 13
    III. Calculus 44
    IV. Vectors and 3-D Geometry 17
    V. Linear Programming 06
    VI. Probability 10
      Total 100


    Physics is relatively the fret inducing topic among all other subjects in the family of Science. The paper that arrives in the board examinations for this particular paper comes lengthy and moderately difficult as derived by the opinions of the students who have already faced the same in the previous years. Most of the tricky questions arrive from the chapter, Optics and thus, the students must allow their full focus on the same for dealing it out easily on the big day.

    Best Books Prescribed for Physics

    • C Verma
    • L Arora
    • Pradeep’s
    • Exam Idea
    Unit Chapter / Topic Marks
    I Electrostatics 15
      Chapter-1: Electric Charges and Fields
      Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
    II Current Electricity
      Chapter-3: Current Electricity
    III Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 16
      Chapter-4: Moving Charges and Magnetism
      Chapter-5: Magnetism and Matter
    IV Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
      Chapter-6: Electromagnetic Induction
      Chapter-7: Alternating Current
    V Electromagnetic Waves 17
      Chapter-8: Electromagnetic Waves
    VI Optics
      Chapter-9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
      Chapter-10: Wave Optics
    VII Dual Nature of Matter 10
      Chapter-11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    VIII Atoms & Nuclei
      Chapter-12: Atoms
      Chapter-13: Nuclei
    IX Electronic Devices 12
      Chapter-14:  Semiconductor  Electronics
    X Communication Systems
      Chapter-15: Communication Systems
      Total 70


    Section Area of Learning Marks
    A Reading Comprehension 30
    B Writing Skills 30
    C Literature & Long Reading Text 40 
      Total 100


    Section Unit Marks
    A Reading Skills 20
    B Writing Skills and Grammar 40
    C Literary Texts & Long Reading 40
      Total 100

    CBSE 12th Science Preparation Strategies

    There are numerous strategies that allow the students to score the best scores in the CBSE 12th Science exam:

    • Importance of Regular Studies: The coaching is necessary but not sufficient for the students of the board examinations. The students must make sure that they are concentrating on the regular self-studies which are compulsory on their part to get all the concepts clarified regarding all the subjects even after studying the same in the coaching centers.
    • Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination is something that needs to be completely avoided by all the board applicants. For instance, if the students have planned to accomplish some concepts today, they ought not to delay the same concepts for the next day. Procrastination plays the role of losses on the part of all the students and cannot be helpful in the long run. The students will face certain clashes if they do not indulge in the habit of accomplishing the concepts each day according to their plan and purpose.
    • Advice and Consultation: It is the responsibility of all the students to grab advice from their seniors. Subject teachers, parents, peers, and passed out alumnus are the ones who have already crossed over the same stage and can help you out to plan your studies well according to the date sheet and syllabus allotted by the board examination responsible.
    • Practice Sample Question Papers: Following the previous year sample question papers and practicing them regularly can be the most useful direction for all the board examination applicants. The students can get the best idea of the marking scheme and also the pattern in which they ought to acquire questions in the exam and answer them accordingly. The marking schemes vary from long answer type to short answer type questions. Answering according to the marking schemes prescribed by the board officials is mandatory for securing the best scores.
    • Study Plans: After downloading the date sheet and the curriculum that is prescribed or released by the board official authorities of CBSE, the students must make a proper study plan that includes the preparation of the tough chapters first and then the easy ones so that they utilize their time to the fullest and do not lag behind the same before the examinations, respectively.
    • Time Management: Devote maximum to the preparation of the examinations. All the students must be very serious, active, and determined to score the best in the board examinations. One should completely detach from all social media platforms in order to focus on their goal to accomplish all the chapters of the subjects on time and relieve themselves with maximum revision time. It is all dependent on the students as to how they take into the board examination in the account and with this motive in mind they need to consider all the positive factors and work hard.
    • Refer to Books: The choice of books and their publications matters a lot on the part of the students. The books must be purchased from selected publications for all the science subjects like Pradeep, Dinesh, Ohri, and Full Marks and so on. Over everything, the NCERT prescribed books are found as the idea navigator for all the 12thboard students as a result.
    • Practice brings perfection: All the students must get introduced to the previous year sample question papers which acts as the most useful means to direct them to the pattern of questions arriving and also reflect the marks assigned for each long answer type and short answer type question, respectively. The more questions practiced by the students, the more scores can they expect in their scorecards at the end of the academic year on the performance declaration day.
    • Mandatory Revision: All the board applicants are expected to prepare all the concepts that are included in the revised curriculum prescribed by the board officials. The more a student revises all the concepts frequently, the more thorough do they get with the same.
    • Self Care: Lastly, proper diet is too maintained by the students during the examination season so as to avoid any kind of disease or sickness. A proper healthy diet with powerful naps leads the students to develop and nurture their minds to study well and memorize well.

    The article above is completely motivated towards guiding the students with the most essential and recognized preparation strategies that can suit them according to convenience and comfort and bring them the best scores at the adjournment of the examinations at the end of the academic year. Thus, all the CBSE 12thBoard Science Students can refer the article to come up with the best strategies to enhance their results.


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