Tips to Get Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Arts 2019

23 Aug, 2018
Tips to Get Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Arts 2019

Tips to Get Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Arts 2019- Preparation is the methodology that all the students or board applicants ensure to indulge in with full determination and dedication in order to produce the maximum scores assisting their futures, respectively. There are some essential guidelines that all the board applicants ought to follow in order to drive scores to their streams, specifically. Art is also popularly named as humanities and is a popular stream like the others namely, Commerce and Science.  Numerous students all across the world apt for the Arts stream which has a bundle of fascinating subjects namely, psychology, sociology, political science, English, other languages like Hindi/Sanskrit/ French and others and further carry on with their favorite subject as a career option. The article is motivated towards guiding all the 12th CBSE Arts students to prepare for the examinations with the top notch strategies.

Subjects Strategies:

    Political Science:  Political science is the crucial branch of the Arts stream that is aligned with all the fundamental rights, human rights, Universal Rights, as well as the construction of the constitution, in particular. Political Science ought to be prepared carefully as it is not less than the share market which fluctuates every day. All the students in the Arts stream must make themselves aligned with the current affairs so that they keep a track of the ebb and flow of the national as well as international trends. The subject not only introduces the students to the Indian politics and the checks and balance government system, but also reminds them of the global politics as well.

    Best Books for Political Science

    • Together With 12th Political Science
    • Full Marks 12th Political Science

    Part A: Contemporary World-Politics (50 Marks)

    Unit  Topic  Marks 
    1 Cold War Era 14
    2 The End of bipolarity
    3 US Hegemony in World Politics 16
    4 Alternative centres of Power
    5 Contemporary South Asia
    6 International Organizations 10
    7 Security in Contemporary World
    8 Environment and Natural Resources 10
    9 Globalisation
    Total 50

    Part B: Politics in India since Independence

    Unit  Topic  Marks 
    10 Challenges of Nation-Building 16
    11 Era of One-Party Dominance
    12 Politics of Planned Development
    13 India’s External Relations 6
    14 Challenges to the Congress System 12
    15 Crisis of the Democratic order
    16 Rise of Popular Movements 16
    17 Regional Aspirations
    18 Recent Developments in Indian Politics
    Total 50

    Psychology: Psychology is known as the master mind of Arts. This is because it takes the students to the world of the theories of psychology enabled by the experts to interact with the human minds both interpersonally and interpersonally. It elaborates the subconscious, unconscious and conscious minds and dream analysis of individuals. Not only this, psychology determines the IQ level of the students and stratifies various personality types of human beings and their ego levels as well. Not only is this subject important for understanding human behavior, but also answers the technicalities of the mind and their thought process.

    Best Books for Psychology CBSE 12th

    • Full Marks 12th CBSE Psychology
    • Move Fast With Psychology
    • Psychology Explained by Rajeev Soni
    Unit Topic Marks
    I Variations in Psychological Attributes 9
    II Self and Personality 10
    III Meeting Life Challenges 7
    IV Psychological Disorders 10
    V Therapeutic Approaches 7
    VI Attitude and Social Cognition 8
    VII Social Influence and Group Processes 7
    VIII Psychology and Life 6
    IX Developing Psychological Skills 6
    Total 70

    Sociology: Sociology is one of the oldest disciplines which is related to the society and its functioning. Starting from caste systems and ending to the market system, it concludes the way the society and its residents interact and the way they are inter-related. Without the laws of Adam Smith in market system and laissez-faire (let it be) concepts it would have been difficult to validate the understanding of colonialism in trade, the organization of a globalized market and also the activities of caste and reservation systems.

    Best Books for 12th CBSE Sociology

    • Full Marks Sociology
    • Indian Society
    Unit Topic Marks
    A. Indian Society 32
    1 Introducing Indian Society (Non-evaluative)
    2 Demographic Structure & Indian Society 6
    3 Social Institutions-Continuity and change 6
    4 Market as a Social Institution 6
    5 Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion 6
    6 Challenges of Cultural Diversity 8
    7 Suggestions for Project Work (Non-evaluative)
    B. Change and Development in Indian Society 48
    8 Structural Change 6
    9 Cultural Change 6
    10 The Story of Democracy 6
    11 Change and Development in Rural Society 6
    12 Change and Development in Industrial Society 6
    13 Globalization and Social Change 6
    14 Mass Media and Communications 6
    15 Social Movements 6
    Total 80

    Economics: Economics is one subjects which focuses on framing out the financial strata in both micro as well as the macro platform. Economics at the high schools level talks about demand supply, stock f lows, foreign exchange market, budget and so on in detail. Moreover, it also talks about the Indian economic concepts including the liberalization of the Indian Economy, about how Indian Economical System had achieved its inception and so on. Thus, overall it is very important for all the interested students to cope up with the economics subject as it will allow them to know about the way the world’s financial and monetary map has been set up by Higher economists like PC Mahalanobis who had made his Higherest contributions in the five year plans of the Indian Economy.

    Best Books for Economics: Sandeep Garg , T.R Jain and V.K Ohri

    Units   Marks
    Part A Introductory Microeconomics 40
    Introduction 4
    Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand 13
    Producer Behaviour and Supply 13
    Forms of Market and Price Determination 10
    Part B Introductory Macroeconomics 40
    National Income and Related Aggregates 10
    Money and Banking 6
    Determination of Income and Employment 12
    Government Budget and the Economy 6
    Balance of Payments 6
    Part C Project Work 20
    Total 100

    English: English is the subject that includes both the language and literature spheres. The literature portion includes two different books for reading and the other for writing and comprehension purposes. Being a language subject, scoring well in English is possible only if there are no lexical grammatical errors, no spelling mistakes and the language of explanation remains plain and lucid with a neat handwriting. The subject ought to be planned and studied  functionally as the  poems an d lessons require a detailed study on  the part of the students. The students must first read the lessons thoroughly and then after they have been acquainted with al l the characters in the same, must attempt for the short as well as long answer questions, comprehensively.

    Best English 12th CBSE Books: All in One English Core, Oxford Communicative English Resource Book, and Full Marks English Core.

    Section Area of Learning Marks
    A Reading Comprehension 30
    B Writing Skills 30
    C Literature & Long Reading Text 40
    Total 100


    Section Unit Marks
    A Reading Skills 20
    B Writing Skills and Grammar 40
    C Literary Texts & Long Reading 40
    Total 100

    Geography: Geography explores demography, fundamentals of human geography, the people in  each part of the country nationally , the climatic fluctuations, discovering human activities and so on. The CBSE 12th geography spells out about the transportation, communication and trading systems. The students have a high scope of scoring well while maintaining the map works that carry effective marks and glares attention on the appropriateness and tidy work, viva questions and also the included practical work as well.

    Part / Unit Chapter Marks
    A Fundamentals of Human Geography 35
    Unit 1 Human Geography
    Unit 2 People
    Unit 3 Human Activities
    Unit 4 Transport, Communication and Trade
    Unit 5 Human settlements
    Map Work 5
    B India: People and Economy 35
    Unit 6 People
    Unit 7 Human Settlements
    Unit 8 Resources and Development
    Unit 9 Transport, Communication and International Trade
    Unit 10 Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems
    Map Work 5
    C Practical Work 30
    Unit 1 Processing of Data and Thematic Mapping 15
    Unit 2 Field study or Spatial Information Technology 10
    Unit 3 Practical Record Book and Viva Voce 5

    History: The CBSE class 11 and 12 syllabus of or History introduces the students to the important historical sources designed in a way that helps the students in understanding and evaluating the by choosing and assembling different types of evidence, process through which historians write history, and by reading their sources critically. Also the students get an immense knowledge about the allied disciplines; detailed study of some themes in ancient, medieval relationship between different methods of enquiry within history and modern Indian history.

    The Best Books for History: Full Marks for 12th Class, Together With Class 12th History

    Units  Topic  Marks 
    Units 1 – 4 Themes in Indian History Part – I 25
    Units 5 – 9 Themes in Indian History Part – II 25
    Units 10 – 15 Themes in Indian History Part – III 25
    Unit 16 Map Work 05
    Project work 20
    Total 100

    CBSE 12th Arts Scoring Strategies:

    1. Time Management: Time management allows the students to allocate adequate time to their preparation for each of the subject, in general and chapters, in particular. Time has to be maintained in order so that the students do not lag behind the same during the examinations.
    2. Self Study Discipline: Self studying is something the students or board applicants must make sure as a pledge to themselves despite of the time they study in coaching. Self study is mandatory on the part of all the applicants to keep in pace with each of the concepts well.
    3. Marking Scheme: There is a particular marking scheme that is assigned to each question whether it is long answer type or short answer type question. The marking scheme is essential as the framing of answers incline completely upon the same that is defined in the sample question papers, comprehensively.
    4. Practicing Question Papers: Practice will surely make the students perfect. The more sample question papers the students practice, the broader will they build an idea about the subjects. The sample question papers or books are available both in the offline and online m odes, and the students can purchase them as per to their convenience.
    5. Examination Rules: During the examination it is compulsory on the part of the students to carry their hall ticket/admit card, carry their own things, do not indulge into any illegal activities, and also maintain silence within the decorum of the examination hall by reaching on time and accomplishing all the questions without lagging behind time.
    6. Avoid Procrastination: All the board examination applicants must make up their mind to avoid procrastination as it leads to their own losses later. The students must go on with their study plan and strategies by allocating adequate time to each concept again and again so that they do not lag behind any one regarding time.
    7. Choice of Reference: All the students who are going to prepare for the 12th board examinations affiliated to CBSE must make sure that they have a good choice of books. The N CERT prescribed books must be morally followed by all the applicants and other books like the Full Marks, Arihant and Together With. Books are the direction to success and thus, must be chosen with Higher decisiveness.
    8. Detach from Social Media Platforms: Social media I s something all the teens are very associated with, all the time. So, it must not become a reason of distraction that  drives away their focus and concentration from the academics. During the examination session, the students must completely avoid the social media networks in order to focus firmly on their studies, adamantly.
    9. Take Advice: Taking advices from parents, peers, subject teachers, an d passed out seniors have always proved to be helpful for the applicants as the same allows them to understand the ways to follow while preparing for the examination. Your seniors who have already qualified the same phase can advise you the best in the same for your well being.

    The above article is completely based upon the imparting the detailed ideas on the Preparation Tips for CBSE 12th Arts 2019 Students.


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