Student teaches students in Uttar Pradesh

Due to shortage of teachers in Uttar Pradesh, candidates from government aided primary schools have to teach their fellow classmates.

In a primary school in Gehru, Uttar Pradesh, a member student took charge of the classes as the only teacher from the school was on the leave. 1 boy who is studying in first grade was found last week, stepping into his teacher’s shoe, directing the class in an effort to teach mathematics to the rest of his fellow mates.

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  • A 5th grade candidate of Gheru primary school,  while speaking with the HT About the shortage of teachers in the schools, added that , candidates frequently took the charge of the classes  each time fail to turn up in the schools.” I had to manage the class by also ensuring the discipline,” said the fifth grader.

    Poor conditions in government aided primary schools:

    •  There  are more than  15, 843 government aided schools across the state, which are all alone  monitored by one single  teacher
    • The single  teacher would then attend every class which is annoying  obviously  him/her  on a daily basis
    • Out of  1, 840 government aided primary schools in Lucknow, They have only one teacher in 35 schools
    • In non attendance of the single handed  teacher, the keys of the school were handed to students
    • One primary school in Makka Kheda, Lucknow, has 1  teacher who at the same time  teaches the candidates  from class one to five in one class-room
    • According to the data declared  through  District Information System for Education, about 53 %  of students in Uttar Pradesh  go  to private schools
    • A lot of school teachers bribe for their preferred  posting thus impacting the balanced  distribution of teachers across the state
    • Due to the shortage of proper management in government aided schools, more students go to private schools. “In fact, government schools are no longer the largest service provider in education,” said Samina Bano, a Right to Education crusader.

    “It is a mistaken belief that there is a deficiency of teachers in UP’s government schools. The state has Almost 6 lakh regular-cum-contract teachers,” she said. “The real challenge is an irrational division of the teachers.  In uttar Pradesh there are schools having more than enough teachers when there are hardly any children. There are also additional schools with just 1 teacher under 100 of students,” said Samina Bano.


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