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St. Stephen College Delhi is one among the oldest constitute of University of Delhi; it was established in the year 1881 by the Cambridge Mission to India. It is a co-educational institute offering education to the students at degree level. The college is well known for offering education in Arts and Science and is constantly ranked among the top best colleges in India. St. Stephen College is a christen minority college where admission is granted to all students on merit basis, only first preference to christen student would be given. College offers with A-1 facility of infrastructural and a unique combination of latest technology. The teaching faculties of the institute are best and chosen one, they are dedicated to impart education and make their students capable of doing something worth.

Courses Offered by St. Stephen College Delhi

St. Stephen College is legally affiliated to University of Delhi and offers many courses at UG and PG level. The college is well known for imparting quality education in Arts as well as in Science.

St. Stephen College Delhi Undergraduate Courses Offered

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  • B A.(Hons) Economics
  • B A. (Hons) English
  • B A. (Hons) History
  • B A. (Hons) Philosophy
  • B A. (Hons) Sanskrit
  • B A. Programme
  • B Sc. Physical Sciences
  • B Sc. (Hons) Chemistry
  • B Sc. (Hons) Mathematics
  • B Sc. (Hons) Physics

St. Stephen College Delhi Cut off 2015-2016

St. Stephen College on 25th of June has declared its official merit list for 2015 undergraduate course. The list is sorted for all the categories, it is easy to understand. 2nd and 3rd merit list would be available  very soon.

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S. No.CourseCategoryScience
1B.A. ProgrammeGEN96.0096.5096.00
2EconomicsGEN97.5098.5097.00Maths 90%
 SC94.5095.5094.00Maths 87%
 ST93.5094.5093.00Maths 86%
 COTH94.5095.5094.00Maths 87%
 CNI82.5083.5082.00Maths 75%
 CNID82.5083.5082.00Maths 75%
 CST82.5083.5082.00Maths 75%
 CPwD82.5083.5082.00Maths 75%
 PwD87.5088.5087.00Maths 80%
3MathematicsGEN97.2597.2596.00Include Maths in BFS
 SC93.2593.2592.00Include Maths in BFS
 ST93.2593.2592.00Include Maths in BFS
 COTH93.2593.2592.00Include Maths in BFS
 CNI82.2582.2581.00Include Maths in BFS
 CNID82.2582.2581.00Include Maths in BFS
 CST83.2583.2582.00Include Maths in BFS
 CPwD82.2582.2581.00Include Maths in BFS
 PwD82.2582.2581.00Include Maths in BFS
4EnglishGEN97.7599.0097.50Eng. Core 90%  or  Elec. Eng. 85%
 SC95.7597.0095.50Eng. Core 88%  or  Elec. Eng. 83%
 ST95.7597.0095.50Eng. Core 88%  or  Elec. Eng. 83%
 COTH95.7597.0095.50Eng. Core 88%  or  Elec. Eng. 83%
 CNI87.7589.0087.50Eng. Core 80%  or  Elec. Eng. 75%
 CNID89.7591.0089.50Eng. Core 82%  or  Elec. Eng. 77%
 CST92.7594.0092.50Eng. Core 85%  or  Elec. Eng. 80%
 CPwD82.7584.0082.50Eng. Core 80%  or  Elec. Eng. 75%
 PwD94.7596.0094.50Eng. Core 87%  or  Elec. Eng. 82%
S. No.CourseCategoryScience(PCM/PMC) 
8ChemistryGEN96.66PCM (PHY, CHEM, MATH)
9PhysicsGEN97.00PCM (PHY, CHEM, MATH)
10B.Sc. Programme (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)GEN96.00PCM (PHY, CHEM, MATH)
11B.Sc. Programme (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sc.)GEN97.00PCM (PHY, CHEM/COMP.Sc., MATH)

Shortcut used

GEN – General (Non Christian)

SC/ST – Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe (Non Christian)

CST – Christian Scheduled Tribe

CNI – Church of North India

CNID – CNI Delhi Diocese

COTH – Christian Others

PwD – Person With Disability

CPwD – Christian, Person With Disability

URDU – URDU Candidate

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