SSC Board Exam Preparation Tips

SSC Board Exam Preparation Tips – SSC forms a very crucial part of our academic life; so instead of focusing on how much SSC Scores Matter, I will guide you with very easy-to-follow tricks that would boost your performance. Preparations for SSC examination require more of Heart work &Hard work. Parents some time do restricts their child from playing or doing co-curricular but it’s advisable to devote equal time for everything. The tips mentioned here are especially for students who are somewhere lagging in their preparations. Here are the tips for filling that gap which breaks your path to “Perfection”

Preparation Tips for SSC Board Exam

  1. Most Easy Mantra for Preparation: The most easiest and preferable thing to do for preparation is “revision by the end of day”; it is very simple to follow just pick up the book and start recollecting the topic which you have been taught in the class today. Most of the top scorers does the same; “isn’t it easy to recollect what we have studied in morning?”The only effort you have to take is to recollect which is taught to you in the school which is as simple as keeping breaking a chalk.

Following this particular tip will help you a lot, you will be tuned with the subjects and at the time of exam you will be the most clam pupil in the exam hall.

  1. Regularity: The main problem occurs in any subject when you don’t refer to the books in your hand for about a week; most often students do intend to study the subject which they like more and forget about other subjects Students should make it a point that every subject needs equal attention. The most common mistake here is student loving mathematics will either keep on practicing or would not pay dedicate time for mathematics being under a notion that they know every things; which ultimately lead to over-confidence and less score in exam.

Every subject should be equally read and make sure that concept clearance of each subject is must.

  1. Practice: Practice makes man perfect and here students should keep on practicing and re-reading to ensure that they are concept clear. As per the quote

“I read for the first time; I come to know what the topic is about,

I read for the second time, I understood the topic

I read thrice and my concepts are clearer

I read for the fourthtime and now I am know what message the topic wants to convey”

Re-reading and flashing back help you because once you may come across something new that you missed out for during your first reading.

  1. Conceptual Understanding: No learning is possible without Question Mark? Mugging up and vomiting makes no sense even if you are a topper, try to understand what is written, look at the explanation, ask your teachers, do contradict if you have a valid reason. If you questions particular topic you will understand it more clearly rather than just nodding your head. Once the concepts are clear go for its application this is what will help to boost your confidence and you would be in position to answer any question related to the topic.
  2. Quality time Dedications: The crucial thing is not for how many hours you studied but how much you studied. While studying make sure that all electronic gazette, playing materials, TV or any other distracting factor isnt around you. If you study for 1 hour with full concentration its enough rather than playing half a time and holding books for rest. Ensure that before you begin you must decide how much to cover and then should not care for anything only focus on achieving how much you have thought of

For Eg: If you plan for covering Chapter 1 completely, then just keep all required things you need to study and start studying and be glued unless you finish your task.


All above mentioned are necessary for achieving your target, henceforth all the points mentioned are exam oriented, it deals with the question of how can I score more??

  1. Be clear about pattern: If you are well aware about pattern than you can easily short out your strength. For instance if you know that you can easily answer all 1 mark questions and Give reasons than the only thing remaining is to prepare for brief answers. Regularly check on Fill up and reasons to help to score more as you know that this much marks are well-reserved by your efforts in advance. Know the pattern, reserve your marks for strength and work hard for rest
  2. Solving Past years paper: It adds to your preparation, if you refer to last year’s paper you will get an idea about what type of questions are asked, how are they related (subjective, conceptual or logical), how are they marked , what is the expected answers from your side. If you solve the paper and ask your experienced teacher to correct it, you will be surprised to know that even after writing everything you knew in the answer you score “0” this happens because you give all possible information rather than main point to be covered.
  3. Question reading: 90% of students are so confident that before reading whole question they start writing/ solving and at the end they come with a very “unique solution” which cannot be rewarded with marks but simply “0”. Read the question with full attention ,understand and then proceed to answer it.
  4. Help from experienced teachers: Though sounds silly but one who has experience of correcting papers of Board for around 5 years will clarify to you the most common mistake done by students over a period of year. Teachers who have graded papers will simply put up do’s& don’ts in front of you. Like over presentation, extra attempting and paper completion
  5. Presentation: the most important thing which adds to your hardwork, is presenting well with quality content which will ensure eligible marks. Use flow charts; pie diagrams; graphs etc which are easily available and can grasp checkers attention
  6. Be Confident & Trust yourself:Stay Calm, look good, feel good and everything would be taken care off” Be confident of what you know and chilled if you have missed out some points, staying calm is the preferred method when you don’t know something because this will sometime help you re-collect about the topic. Being upset, worrying would any way would not help you, just be confident about your preparations and do your best to crack the SSC Board Exam.

Do’s & Don’t for SSC Board Exam

Sr. No Do’s Don’t
1. Carry all the necessary things for exams like pencil, rubber, geometry box etc Carry any stuff like paper chits or formulae written on body part
2. Stay clamm Peep in others paper
3. Present your paper Extra- presentation that distracts checkers attention
4. Manage your time be stucked on one question
5. Be concise and up to the mark Including unnecessary stuff and points

Hope this would really help you… wishing you all the best for your exams….



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