Smriti Irani to draft a new education policy by December

There are efforts undertaken via Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani in order for the preparation of the draft of the new education policy by the month of December with the involvement of people at the District level.

She stated that “Till now, education policies were prepared by some persons at the national level, but people at ground level were never asked,”

She also stated that she was holding meetings with education minister of every state and district magistrates on the topic of how exactly the new education policy should take shape.

She places more value at the quality of individuals in the country over employability

At her speech at the conclave that was organized via Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd. she said that “Till now plans were framed at national or state level. From education point of view if we prepare district-wise plan then the systemic change we want can be achieved,” she stated that there is a strong need to understand what the district level people actually need.


The HRD minister stated that”I am going to request our institutions to revamp their curriculum and include technology learned in foreign countries in Indian institutions,” claiming that if the students didn’t have much choice to begin with then its natural for then to think of studying abroad.

Irani said how education increases employability was a subject of discussion, but it should also be seen that what it means in the life of a man.

 “How our education increases employability has been a subject of discussion,” she said when asked about 23 lakh applicants, including PhD holders, applying for 368 posts of peon in Uttar Pradesh.

She stated that we must ponder upon what is the real meaning of education in life.

“So, for me while employability is a corner stone, it has been equally important for me as to what type of citizens we prepare,” she said.

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