Sky-high fees hike in private medical colleges pose dire challenge for medical aspirants

20 May, 2017

The whole course fee for MBBS in SRM Medical College in Tamil Nadu has been increased to Rs 94.5 lakh from Rs 45 lakh.

Amidst nonstop hurdles in the kingdom of medical studies in India, the rocketed hiked fees in the private medical colleges has annihilates the dream of many medical aspirants around the country as the tuition fees in the government colleges remain unchanged.

    On top of the huge fees hike, students had to pay out enormous amount on books, lodging and miscellaneous.

    Private colleges hike tuition fees:

    • Tamil Nadu topped the price hike of tuition fees in the private-run medical colleges. The SRM Medical college sin Chennai hike their fees to Rs 94.5 lakh for the entire MBBS course from the previous Rs 45 lakh
    • The annual tuition fee at Kathihar Medical College in Bihar has been enlarged to Rs 12.5 lakh from Rs 8 lakh
    • The tuition fees in the management quota at Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, has been increased to Rs 18 lakh from Rs 15 lakh
    • Tuition fees at Dr D Y Patil Medical College in Mumbai has increased to Rs 76.2 lakh for the complete MBBS course
    • Saveetha University in Chennai has increased their annual tuition fees to Rs 15 lakh from Rs 9 lakh.

    Since the deemed universities did not come under the purview of the state, they use random power to hike tuition fees across many states. In order to defend the rocketed cost, some deemed universities claimed that their expenses on running the institutes are in proportion with the price hike.

    Since the price hike across the deemed universities are not uniformed, it appears hard to precisely outline how much has been hiked. Most personal medical college fees in Maharashtra are in between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 60 lakh. Medical fees in private colleges are most cost-friendly in Gujarat and Karnataka and most expensive in Tamil Nadu.

    One anxious parent who was asked to pay Rs 40 lakh for his daughter admission in Chennai said, for medical colleges, these statistics interpret into business, but for parents and aspirants doctors they mark the end of their dream.


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