Satyawati College Cut off 2015-2016

Satyawati College Cut off 2015 – Satyawati College was established in 1972 and affiliated by the University of Delhi. The College is named after a great freedom fighter, Sister Satyawat who was the grand-daughter of Swami Shraddhanand, who worked in close association with leaders like Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu. It offers both morning and evening college for almost 2000 students with qualified staff of more than 150. It is a co-educational institution and offers many courses like Commerce, Economics, English, History, Mathematics etc. The College has a Seminar Room, Computer Laboratory and a fully air-conditioned and computerized Dr. Haldar Memorial Library which has wealthy collections of periodicals and books and periodicals. The college has one of the best auditoriums in University of Delhi known as Satya Auditorium. The college provides wide career option to the students through Career Counseling, Diploma Courses in Foreign Languages and Mentoring Placements.

Courses Offered at Satyawati College

There are various Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate courses offered by Satyawati College are as below:

  1. B.A Program
  2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in English
  3. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in Hindi
  4. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in History
  5. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in Pol. Science
  6. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in Economics
  7. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in Sanskrit
  8. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours (Hons) in Urdu
  9. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Program
  10. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Honours (Hons)
  11. Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc) Honours (Hons) in Mathematics
  12. Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science

Certificate courses offered:

  • Certificate/ Diploma in German
  • Certificate/ Diploma in French

Departments at Satyawati College

  • Departments of Commerce
  • Departments of Departments of English
  • Departments of Economics
  • Departments of History
  • Departments of Hindi
  • Departments of Mathematics
  • Departments of Physical Education
  • Departments of Political Science
  • Departments of Sanskrit
  • Departments of Urdu

Satyawati College Cutoff 2015-2016

The table below gives a first cutoff list for the admission in this college:

1BA. (Prog.)9087808075
2B.A. (Prog.) with Sanskrit Combination8583787873
3B.A: (H) Economics9592808075
4B.A. (H) English9593878772
5B.A. (H) Hindi8075737368
6B.A. (H) History8277757572
7B.A. (H) Pol. Science9085808077
8B.A. (H) Sanskrit5553
1 9
 9B.A. (H) Urdu5248474745
10B.Com (Prog.)9189727267
11B.Com (H)9592777772
12B.Sc. (H) Mathematics9492878784

Second Cutoff List 2015

IBA. (Prog.)88-89.7585-86.7578-79.7578-79.7573
2B.A. (Prog.) with Sanskrit Combination83-83.7581-82.7576-77.7576-77.7571
3B.A. (H) EconomicsClosed91-91.7579-79.7579-79.7574
4B.A. (H) English94-94.7592-92.7586-86.7586-86.7571
5B.A. (H) Hindi79-79.7573-74.7571-72.7571-72.7567
6B.A. (H) HistoryClosed76-76.75ClosedClosed72
7B.A. (H) Pol. Science89-89.7584-84.75Closed79-79.75Closed
8B.A. (H) Sanskrit5553Closed5050
9B.A. (H) Urdu5248474745
10B.Com (Prog.)Closed87-88.75Closed70-71.7564
11B.Com (H)Closed90-91.7576-76.7574-76′ 7568
12B.Sc. (H) Mathematics93-93.7590.5-91.7585-86.7585-86.7582

Third Cutoff List 2015

1B.A. (Frog.)8748.82-84.7576-7875-7972
2BA. (frog.) with Sanskrit Combination82-83.580-82.575-77.575-77.570
3B.A. (H) EconomicsClosed90.25-90.75Closed77-78.7570
4BA. (H) EnglishClosed90-91.7584.50-85.7584-85.75Closed
5BA. (H) Hindi78-78.7572-72.75Closed69-72.5Closed
6B.A. (H) HistoryClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
7BA. (H) Pol. Science88.25-88.7582-83.75Closed78-79.5Closed
8B.A. (H) SanskritClosed52Closed4949
9B.A. (H) Urdu5046454545
10B.Com (frog.)Closed86-86.75Closed69-69.7562
11B.Com (H)Closed88-89.75Closed 172-73.7566
12B.Sc. (H) MathematicsClosedClosed84.75-85.584.5-8680

Wish you Luck for your admission!!!

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