Privacy Policy

Brief Introduction

We, at, are highly concerned about ensuring the users with 100% protection of the information shared by them with us. The below information provided by us consists of all the criteria for same. Once you visit our website, you agree with the terms laid down in this section.

Information Gathering

The information of the users, who log on our website, like IP address of the visitor, type of browser, location, profile details, etc. will be collected by us.  

While registering on our website, users will have to share some information such as Name, Age, Gender, Contact Detail, Email Address, etc.

The notification shall be sent via e-mailers and text SMS on the registered email addresses and phone numbers of the users regarding the amendments in the privacy policies, new information related to users or the answers for the queries raised by the site visitors.

However, at any point of time, the users can unsubscribe the notifications received by SMS or email by changing the notification settings through their account.

We ensure the users with a promise of not misusing their data collected by us through different means. Their information can be used for:

We assure you that we will not misuse or sell this data. We use this information to:

  • Enrich our website to give our visitors secure & safe knowledge bank.
  • Administer our website to a global extent.
  • Tracking of the users’ activities for security purposes.
  • Dissemination of information via mail or SMS.

Use of Cookies

We, at GetEntrance, implement tracking technologies and cookies to monitor and manage the sessions on our webpages and identify the account information of the users and visitors.  

“Cookies” are the small text files stored in the computer systems of the users. Accepting cookies means the users are allowing us to save their personal information like name, user ID, feedback, and data submitted on our website along with their IP addresses.

Our intent is to hold your activity details temporarily on our website for management of the sessions. Neither we use cookies to save password nor convey your information to third-party sites.

The cookies are not activated on the advertisements clicked by our website by the users. These advertisements are not hosted by us and hence, we disclaim taking the responsibility of any cookie declaration or tracking technology implemented by the hosts of such advertisements.

You can opt to reject or accept these cookies by personalizing the browser settings. Irrespective of accepting or rejecting the cookies, you can access our website in both the conditions.

Use of Information by

We lay emphasis on rendering the services with reliability and satisfaction for all our readers. With intent to improve your experience on our website, we may use the gathered information like account details, IP addresses, queries, email Id, and other login activities.

The information of users is also used for sending them the newsletters, text SMS and other information they have subscribed to. We allow the users to decline the subscription at any point of time without any restriction on accessing our website.    

Information Updating Policy

The users have full authority and mechanism to modify or update their profile information at any point of time from anywhere using the internet, such as account, password, personal information. 

No one can change or modify their information without logging in with their valid credentials.

In case if you delete your account permanently, then we have the right to retain your information and remove it from the public view.  

Third-Party Links

Our website may contain the links of other websites and the advertisements of various other products or services. We are not responsible for the terms & conditions and privacy policies of other advertisement(s) and website(s).

All the readers who navigate to other links from our website are advised to read their terms of use carefully before availing any product or service. The privacy policies mentioned here are applicable to our website only. No third party website comes under the privacy terms laid down here.

Disseminating the Newsletters

We publish the newsletter frequently containing the important information about anything in the interest of our readers. These newsletters are disseminated to the registered users through their email IDs. The users are also notified about amendments in our policies through newsletters. 

Your personal information such as e-mail ID, IP address, browser type and submitted information is collected by us for releasing the newspapers as well. 

Users have the right to subscribe/ unsubscribe the newsletters by changing the settings in their account accordingly.


The advertising activities on our website might be administered by our advertising partners. The cookies employed may be made effective by the advertising partners to identify your account while sending you the advertisement.

Irrespective of the cookies set by owners or partners, the server will recognize the browser and personal information provided by the users.  

We disclaim taking the responsibilities of cookies set by the advertising partners or third-parties.

Security Policy

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring the foolproof security of the data collected by us from the users. There is no possibility of unauthorized or unlawful access to your data. We prohibit the technical staff and other job functions to peep into the details available in registered users’ accounts. Our database is protected with the advanced mechanism to secure the data of registered users against any security breach.  

However, no mechanism guarantees the 100% protection of data within a digital environment i.e. electronic storage. We make sure to secure your data by adopting all the safety measures but can’t make sure you regarding the incidents like tress usage/ misuse of your details.

The website runs on a hardware & software technology and there is no guarantee that the data shared by the users will remain personal. Hence, GetEntrance will mot be responsible for the misuse of your data.

Amendments in Privacy Policy

GetEntrance reserves all the rights to modify, amend, change, or update any of our privacy policies without seeking any permission or giving any prior notice. We have the full authority to make changes in the privacy policy at any point of time. This page will display all the updates in privacy policies on a real-time basis.

All the user(s) and visitor(s) are advised to visit this page more frequently to bestow themselves with the changes in the privacy policy.  

We strive hard to make the experience of the users on our website phenomenal in all aspects and take new initiatives for this always. The users are mostly notified by us every time when we update our privacy policies. 


GetEntrance shall not be responsible or liable for any loss(s) or damage(s) to member’s account/information or other personal related details/data by any reason.   

In case of using the transaction details such as Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking Details, we don’t store the same data for any further use. The monetary transaction data will be moved to off-line so that the precious payment details cannot be used for fraudulent activities.

We assure the maximum security but not the 100%.

We appreciate your valuable time invested in suggesting us to make your experience better or any of your queries regarding our website.