Physiotheraphy Course

20 May, 2017


Physiotheraphy Course – “Physiotherapy is the science of cure, stope and rehabilitation of the physically disabled and challenged people”. A physiotherapy is one of the ancient sciences of curing the people by doing physical practices. In India, A physiotherapist uses the term “Doctor” as a suffix with prefix ‘P.T’. Students who are attracted in curing the people and serving physically disabled people, then this is the perfect career for such students.


Physiotheraphy Course Details

In India, there is only one program after the conclusion of 10+2. The students who desires to do the physiotherapy course should have cleared the 10+2 exams with chemistry, physics and biology.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (B.PT) is the only course in India after 10+2. If you are ready to work with the hospital or clinic or individual practice, you should go for this course.

In this course, there is abundant of information about the anatomy, human body, cytology, medical condition of the human body, surgery and injuries condition, training on the procedures of therapy, pathology, pharmacology, disability rehabilitation and prevention.

B.PT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) – full-time – 4 years + 6 month internship


How to apply for Physiotheraphy Course

For the admission to physiotherapy program, candidates should have the following criterion:

  • Need to have completed the 17 years of age
  • Need to have completed the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% marks
  • Need to have chemistry, physics and biology in plus two examination
  • Needs to have a good score in CET (Combined Entrance Test)

Careers and Jobs after Physiotheraphy Course

There is a excellent opportunity in this specialized field. First you would be called a doctor and your role will be of  physiotherapist.

In today’s generation, people are facing so many muscular skeletal problems in their daily way of life. The life is very busy and we have been customary of the computerization. Due to not using the muscles ability in our daily life, we are used to having sciatica, backache, lumbago and many disabilities.

A physiotherapist is one who helps in remedial of such disorders. A physiotherapist can be a health doctor, counsellor, physical trainer and sports coach.


Salary Income Range after Physiotheraphy Course

The initially package of physiotherapist depends on the college where he secured the degree and the company where he would be working.

The initial salary of a physiotherapist in India would be Rs. 2 to 2.5 lakh per year. But after gaining experience and higher degree the salary can be increased upto 5 lakh depending on the company.



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