Photography Course Details

Photography Course

Photography course has been developed very recently and now has a perfect study structure like we have for any other course, earlier no courses were available but now the same courses at Diploma, Post-graduate Level is available. Photography course can be perceived by anyone who are minimum 12th passed, the course basically teaches the learner how to handle the camera, what should be the exact distant even the course has a specialty like wedding photographer, wild-life photographer and sports photographers. Some institution provides B. A. in Photography for the time period of three years; it is an optional subject under Bachelors of Fine Arts.  This as a career has many diverse option one can work with some news companies, government companies who need photographer on regular basis, one can also work as assistance photographers under well-known photographer personalities. Photography does not have a structured syllabus; it is all about learning basics from institute and sharpening the skill by working under well experienced person.

Photography Course Summary
Name of Course Photography
Degrees Available Diploma level, Certificate courses and Post Graduate Course
Tenure 1 year (2-3 years for PG Course)
Minimum Qualification 12th passed

Note: Minimum 12th Qualification is must for taking admission in any certificate and Diploma courses

List of Photography Course in India

Photography course has very recently developed a structure and hence there is no standard format for syllabus. Hence Photography course is provided for the time period of 6 months, 1 year and it changes from institute. Therefore there are three types of courses available in India i. e. Certificate course, Diploma Course and PG Course in Photography.

Certificate Course

  • Certificate Course in Basic Technique in Photography
  • Certificate Course in Photography
  • Certificate Course in Videography and Editing
  • Still Photography

Diploma Course

  • Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photography
  • Diploma in Fashion Photography
  • Diploma in Professional Photography

Post Graduate Course

  • Post graduate Diploma Course in Photography

Course Details

Detailed description of all the photography course is given. It is a very informative piece for those who are really passionate and looking for Photography Career. The list of some well known and popular institute is listed below along with their contact details.

Certificate Course

Certificate Course
Name Tenure Name of Institute Contact Details E-mail/Web-address
Certificate Course in Basic Technique in Photography 1 year Fergussan College (Pune) 020-66866000
Jadavpur University (Kolkata) 033-24146666
Certificate Course in Photography  


1 Month

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Aditya College (Madhya Pradesh) 0751-4029398
Ambition 4 Photgraphy Academy (Chennai) 9444441190
Delhi School of Photography (Delhi) 9871642054
Harikishandas Mehta Foundation Institute of Journalism and Mass Media  Communication(Mumbai) 9930240128
Certificate Course in Videography and Editing 6 months Vivekanand College Madurai (Tamil Nadu) 4543-258234
Dergoan Kamal Dowerah College (Assam) 0376-2380299
Centre for Development of Imaging and Technology 0471-2380910
Certificate Course in  Still Photography 4 months Drona Film School 9745480001
M. V. Media Institute 9565770088

Diploma courses

Diploma Courses
Name Tenure Name of Institute Contact Details E-mail/Web-address
Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photgarphy 1 year Shari Academy (Mumbai) 9820907025
Diploma in Fashion Photography 1 year J. D. Institute of Fashion Technology (Mumbai) 022-61589999
J. D. Institute of Fashion Technology (Jaipur) 0141-2971737
J. D. Institute of Fashion Technology (Andhra Pradesh ) 9849102972
F. E. Institute of Arts and Design (Mumbai) 022-32097479
Diploma in Professional Photography 6 months Ambition 4 Photgraphy Academy (Chennai) 9444441190
Bhavans Digital Academy (Delhi) 011-23389449
Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film 8547044220

 No details of colleges are available for Post graduate Diploma Course in Photography

Photography Course Syllabus

Being photographer is not an easy job, even after completing certification and diploma course students are not well equipped to match Industry demand. Students need to sharpen their inner Skill of Photography by learning under experts, maximum use of latest technology, practicing, learning from past mistakes and working in different events

Basic Photography Course will teach you following things mentioned below:

  • Intro to Photography
  • Types of Cameras
  • Working the SLR Camera
  • Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, Focusing etc.
  • Raw & JPEG
  • Composition
  • Adobe Photoshop – RAW Processing

In Advanced Photography and Portfolio Design you would study Studio Photography specialization, Low Key, High Key, Flash Photography, Photoshop, Portfolio, Documentary specialization, Panorama, Time Lapse, Photo essay projects, Photoshop and Portfolio within 3 months

Scope of Photography Course

After completion of course student has many diverse options to choose. He/she can start his/her business, can work under experts to sharpen his skills and gain expertise or he can also train youngsters. There are many other options like:

  • Photo Retouching and Digital Technician
  • Photojournalists
  • Art Director
  • Studio Manager
  • Sports Photographer
  • Freelancers
  • Underwater Photography.
  • Crime Scene Photographer
  • Photography Editors
  • Interior Design Photographer

Different types of Photographer

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Beauty Photographer
  • Nature Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • HDR Photographer
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Panoramic Photographer
  • Motion Photographer
  • Sports Photographer

Photography Colleges in India

  1. National Institute of Photography (N.I.P.), Mumbai (Maharashtra).
  2. International School of Photography, New Delhi.
  3. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata (West Bengal).
  4. Academy for Photographic Excellence [APEx], New Delhi.
  5. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, Chennai (Tamil Nadu).
  6. Fortune Institute of Communication and Television, New Delhi.
  7. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.
  8. Vineye Photo School, Dadar (W) (Maharashtra).
  9. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh).
  10. Indian Institute for Development in Education and Advanced Studies, Navrangpura (Gujarat)


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