Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019

12 Sep, 2018

Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019 – The Odisha board is soon going to release the Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019 two months of the commencement of the 12th board examinations in 2019. If you want to garner the best scores in the exams, then make sure that you follow the timetable that we have given below and start with your preparations as soon as possible. The sooner you indulge into your preparations, the more good scores you gather. All the streams namely, Arts, Commerce and Science are covenanted to be practiced with great time management and care. This article is aimed towards navigating all the students in the 12th board exams so that they deal it with great courage and confidence.The students can choose to refer this article for staying updated about the time table or also refer to the official website of the Odisha Board that is, chseodisha.nic.in

 Importance of the Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019

The candidates of all the three streams (Arts/Humanities, Commerce and Science) study really hard by allocating their time to all the respective subjects and thus, seek out for the best results at the end of the academic year. For this the timetable matters a lot. So, we are here to make you aware and update you about the date sheet, once it is released by the Odisha Board’s desk.

Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019: for Student’s Reference

    All the students who are aiming to appear for the CHSE under the Odisha board can refer to the following timetable that has been derived from the previous year’s date sheet. The students can assume a definite date for all the subjects for this year and start off with their preparations for the 12th board exams. You can follow this until the Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019 gets released. 

    Exam Date & Time
    Morning Shift
    Days of Examination Subject Names
    March-2019 Monday English -601R/E, Science -Regular/Ex-Regular,
    English -801R/E/DIS.EDU,
    Commerce -Regular/Ex-Regular/
    Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Wednesday English -701R/E/DIS.EDU, Arts -Regular/Ex-Regular/
    Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Saturday MIL (ODIA) -602R/602E, Science -Regular/Ex-Regular,
    MIL (ODIA) -802R/E/DIS.EDU, Commerce -Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Tuesday MIL (ODIA) -702R/E/DIS.EDUArts -Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education
    (Regular & Ex-Regular)



    Thursday IT- (Information Technology) -622R/E/813R/E/731R/E, Science/Commerce/Arts- Regular/Ex-RegularCSC (Computer Science) 614R/E
    BIO-TECH -612R/E
    Electronics -616R/E
    Science -Regular/Ex-Regular
    March-2019 Monday Political Science -716R/E/DIS.EDU,
    Arts-regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education
    (Regular & Ex-regular)
    March-2019 Wednesday Physics 603R/E, Science -Regular/Ex-Regular,
    Accountancy -(ACT) -803R/E/DIS.EDU,
    Commerce-Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education
    (Regular & Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Saturday History -715R/E/DIS.EDU,
    Arts -Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education
    (Regular & Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Tuesday Integrated Vocational Subject for Arts,
    Commerce & Science, Tourism &
    Travel management (TTV) -815 R/E,
    Mobile Technology (MTV) -635R/E, Science
    Fashion Technology (FTV) -817R/E,
    Electrical Domestic Applications (EDV) -633 R/E
    Paramedical and Health Care (PHV) -819R/E,
    Horticulture (HOV) -631R/E,
    Office Management (OMV) -821R/E,
    Dairying (DAV)-629R/E,
    Banking (BNV) -823R/E,
    Automobile Technology (ATV) -627R/E,
    Printing Technology (PTV) -825R/E,
    Information Technology (ITV) -827R/E,
    Arts/Science/ Commerce,
    March-2019 Friday Business Mathematics & Statistics (BMS)- 805R/E/Dis.Edu, Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    Chemistry -605R/E, Science- Regular/Ex-Regular,
    March-2019 Monday All Language Optional (Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education)
    Telugu- 711R/E/Dis.Edu,
    Odia- 708R/E/Dis.Edu,
    Bengali- 710R/E/Dis.Edu,
    Hindi- 709R/E/Dis.Edu,
    Elective Sanskrit (ES)- 626R/E, Science -Regular/Ex-Regular
    Sanskrit-713R/E/Dis.Edu, Arts -Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Friday Home Science-712R/E, Arts -Regular/Ex-Regular,
    Mathematics- 607R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular,
    Business Studies & Management (BSM)- 804R/E/Dis.Edu,
    Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Dis.Edu (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Saturday Geography -620R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular,
    Logic-720R/E/Dis.Edu, Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Tuesday Statics-624R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Science-Regular-Ex-Regular, Anthropology -724R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Sociology-723R/E/Dis.Edu, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    March-2019 Thursday Biology – (Biology & Zoology)- 608R & 610R, Science-Regular,
    Biology-1 (Botany)-608 E, Science -Ex-Regular, Insurance (INS) -806E/806E/Dis.Edu.,
    Computer Application (CA) -811R/E, Commerce-Regular, Ex-Regular/ Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
    Fundamental of Management Accounts (FMA)- 809R/E/Dis.Edu.,
    Cost Accounting (CAC) – 807R/E/Dis.Edu.,
    Business Economics (BSE) -808R/E/Dis.Edu.,
    Rural Development (RD) -810E/Dis.Edu.,
    March-2019 Friday Economics-717R/EDis.Edu., Arts -Regular, Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Science -Regular/Ex-Regular,
    IRPM-II (Personal Management)- 728R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular
    March-2019 Monday Other MILs (Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education), Hindi-703R/E/Dis.Edu.,
    Alt. English-707R/E/Dis.Edu., Arts -Regular/ Ex-Regular/Dis.Edu. (Regular/Ex-Regular), Commerce Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Science-Regular/Ex-Regular
    March-2019 Thursday Biology-II (Zoology) -610E, Science-Ex-Regular
    March-2019 Saturday Psychology-726R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular,
    Education-718R/E/Dis.Edu., Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular),
    Geology-618R/E, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular
    Indian Music-729R/E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular,

    Odisha CHSE Time Table: Comprehensive Steps to Download

    It is expected that all the aspiring candidates are following the below given step-by-step procedure to download the Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019 that is soon going to appear in the online official website in the PDF format.

    1. Make a visit to our website to download the Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019
    2. Or you can also visit the official website of the Odisha Board.
    3. Search for the link that shows, Odisha CHSE Time Table 2019
    4. Click on the same and then download and save the same once it gets displayed on the screen.
    5. Get as many printouts as possible to quench your requirement for the future.

    Numerous students every year appear for the CHSE examination to qualify with brilliant scores and ranks consecutively. Staying updated with the preparation tips, syllabus, sample questions and the exam dates are some of the most essential points to be followed by the students affiliated.


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