Occupational Theraphy Course in India

Occupational theraphy Course


Occupational Theraphy Course in India – The “Occupational Therapy (OT)”  is also called as “Physical Therapy”. Occupational therapy incorporates the focused profession that enable the mentally or physically challenged people enjoy their everyday life. Occupational therapy focus on modifying the environment adaptation, task, educating the client and teaching the skills to make them facilitate in daily actions. In the past, this treatment was called as ‘Moral treatment’.

The professional, who deal with mentally, physically, morally, and mentally challenged people with the help of occupational therapy are called as Occupational Therapist. The occupational therapist works against the dysfunctions cause of the biological, social and economic reasons.

Occupational Theraphy Course Details

There are more than 25 institutions in India offering the courses in the field of occupational therapy. In India, the education program in occupation therapy is renowned by the All India Occupational Therapist’s Association (AIOTA) and World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT). The colleges offer the programs in following types:

  1. Diploma courses
  2. UG degree courses
  3. PG degree courses
  4. PG diploma courses

For admission to the occupational therapy program, candidates should have the following criterion:

  • Need to have completed the 17 years of age
  • Need to have cleared 10+2 examination with at least 50% marks
  • Should have physics, chemistry and biology in 10+2 standard
  • Should have a good score in CET (Combined Entrance Test)

Career Options after Occupational Theraphy Course

If you are fascinated to help the people and you have a good and pleasing nature, and you desire to do something for the people who are enduringly or provisionally physically disabled or want to assist to the older persons who are living in an old age home or you desire to give your finger to hook up a kid for the first-time step.

After finishing the degree courses, the students should go for the national certification examination to get the license, in order to practice independently. It is obligatory to have the license for practicing.

Salary Income Range after Occupational Theraphy Course

In the US, the occupational therapists earn a salary as $73820 per year and the minimum hourly income is $35.49. The occupational therapists can earn from the Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 at the start of the career. After few years of experience, she/he can go up to handsome salary.


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