NMAT 2017 Preparation Tips

NMAT 2017 Preparation Tips

NMAT 2017 Preparation Tips – The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) uses its NMAT for MBA programs at its Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru campuses. The NMAT online examination is conducted in several Indian cities. The NMAT preparation shouldn’t be too hard as we have compiled a list of preparation tips to ease your anxiety!

NMAT 2016 Preparation Tips

General NMAT 2017 Exam Preparation Tips

During the NMAT, select your strongest area first, and then proceed to the ones you are progressively less comfortable with. A good beginning makes the task easier by boosting your self-confidence.

A difficult question need not bother you; just skip it and move on. Many times, the easy ones lie in the end, making it difficult to find them. The ideas of selection and skimming questions are quite important here. Thus, optimum time management is the key here.

Language Skills:

This section is of moderate in nature.  It includes 2 Reading Comprehension questions and most of the candidates feel difficult to complete this part. Also the questions are framed on English Usage. There are some important points, aspirants must remember while taking up Language part:

Focus on Basic and Proper Usage of grammar

Improve Vocabulary as most of the questions are based on vocabulary

Score good in comprehension as in this section you may full marks

Avoid spelling mistakes

Sentence formation must be understandable and concise

Logical Reasoning:

This section is of moderate to difficulty level. There will be 40 questions and candidates must attempt 25 questions to crack the exam.

There will be 20-30 questions from Mathematical Reasoning, 10-15 questions from Verbal Reasoning, 5-10 questions from Critical Reasoning and 1-5 questions from Linear Arrangement, Circular arrangements, Distribution, Comparison, Blood Relation, Venn Diagram, Coding/Decoding, Calendars, Visual Reasoning, Syllogism, Strong week argument and Statement Conclusion.

Following points should be taken into consideration for Logical Reasoning Preparation:

Analyze, what is given in the question and note it on paper to solve. The answer is always hidden in the question

Boost up your skills to solve mathematics problems that assist you in time managing.

You should have proper knowledge of Directions e. which direction is East, West, North and South.

Practice puzzles as most of the questions are framed from topics like Critical Reasoning, Analytical reasoning and Reasoning Data Sufficiency. So it helps in improving solving skills.

Quantitative Skills:

This section is also moderate to tough in nature. There will be 48 questions and candidates may score for the merit list by solving 30 questions. This section includes Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions. Data Interpretation questions are quite time consuming.

1-5 questions are framed from Number System, BODMAS/Ratio and Proportion, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Average/Mixture, Time/Speed/Distance etc. 10-20 questions are framed from Number System, Algebra, DI/DS

Following points help in preparing for Quantitative part:

Divide your time for in preparing different topics

Make list of formulae so that you can memorise them all

Develop your speed as some questions are time consuming. So, keep a track of the time and stick to the sectional time limit while giving mock tests or solving previous year papers

Basic tips for NMAT 2017 Exam

Focus on weak Areas:

Put effort to improve Problem Areas by practicing through solved papers firstly and then through unsolved paper. Try to solve 20-30 questions on daily basis to improve weak areas and clear basics

Select the section sequence carefully:

Always start with strongest section to the weakest as it would save lots of time, develop confidence.

Have your concept clear:

Candidates should be clear with the concept. The clearer they will be, the easier you will find to sail through. Set a Study minimum deadline to solve a number of questions. Try to solve questions within the set time frame.

Refresh your mind:

Refresh your mind by taking short intervals, do some recreational activities.

Suggested Books for NMAT 2017 Exam

Chand A Complete Kit for MBA Entrance Examinations – Sanjeev Verma & J.K. Gangal

S.Chand Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations – R. S. Aggarwal

S.Chand Objective General English 10,000 Plus Questions – R.S. Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal

TMH Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations – Abhijit Guha

Pearson Quantitative Aptitude For CAT And Other MBA Entrance Exams – Time

TMH Quantitative Aptitude For Mba Entrance Examinations – Guha

S Chand Modern APP. To Logical Reasoning – Agarwal, R.S

Ramesh Logical and Analytical Reasoning – A. K. Gupta

Hopefully this article helped. Happy exams!