Yoga & Artificial Intelligence to be added to CBSE curriculum

25 Mar, 2019
Yoga & Artificial Intelligence to be added to CBSE curriculum

NOIDA- As per a CBSE official, the Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to add early childhood care, artificial intelligence (AI), and yoga as new subjects to the school curriculum. He also said that this decision of adding three new subjects was taken at a Board’s governing body meeting held recently.

The CBSE is planning to introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence) as an optional subject from upcoming sessions i.e. 2019-2020 for class IX. The senior official of CBSE also said that the inclusion of courses is aimed at sensitizing the students and improving the multidisciplinary teaching-learning approach. The schools may start an AI module of 12 hours for class VIII.

He mentioned that the board has also made mind to launch early childhood education and yoga at the senior secondary level as elective subjects.

As per the rules, at the secondary level, a skill subject can be offered as sixth additional subject along with the five compulsory subjects.

It will help those students who fail in any of the three elective subjects (social science, mathematics, and science). There failed subject will be replaced with the additional subject and the mark sheet of class X will be generated on the base of five best-scored subjects.

However, a student can take up the compartment exam to reappear in the failed exam if he/ she desires for the same.

In the same way, the board has suggested schools to introduce at least one or more skill-based subject as an elective subject out of a total of 42 subjects at senior secondary level.

The official concluded saying that the board will offer all the necessary guidance and support towards capacity building and training of teachers and other facets for ideal execution of skill subjects frequently.

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