World University Ranking 2019 Declared the Ranks of Indian Universities Apart from IIT’s and IISc

28 Sep, 2018
World University Ranking 2019

Apart from the other Universities ranking in the World University Ranking 2019 released on Wednesday, the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Technology in Indore has ranked as the top most in the list of best Universities in India. Apart from the IIT’s and IISc there were other renowned universities that have been brought under the spotlight of the best Indian institutions.

University of Delhi: The University of Delhi comprises of innumerable colleges spread over both North and South campus of the National Capital of Delhi. The University holds the female ratio of 49:51 to that of the male ratio. All the colleges play a versatile role in enhancing the education of all the students deriving admission in any of the coed or non coed colleges.

Panjab University: The panjab University has ranked in the 601 to 800 band with a 22.3 student to teacher ratio and 48 students who are female to every 52 students who are male.

Jadavpur University: The Jadavpur University is located in the city of Kolkata which has been a successful University in contributing to the well being of all the students studying with a position of 601 to 800 rank along with IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur. Its ratio from female to male is 32:68 with a full-time equivalent of 11, 017 students.

Savitribhai Phule University: The Savitrivhai Phule University has a total of 5,493 students studying and a ratio of 14.7 from student to teacher. The 4% of the student’s population comprises of the international students.

JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research: Previously popular as the Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara, JSS academy in India is featured in the top 500, in the world ranking apart from the IISc and IIT’s held powerful. Established in the year 2008, the Mysore’s University was deemed under the Section 3 of the UGC act 1956, respectively.

Tezpur University: The Tezpur University, located in the Tezpur of North Eastern state of Assam holds a rank of 601 out of the 800, respectively. The teacher and student ratio stands out to be 13.6 and the full time equivalents include 3,300.

Banaras Hindu University: The Banaras Hindu University is ranked as 601 to 800 in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2019. It is considered as one of the most prime University comprising of 5 institutes namely, Institute of Medical Sciences, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Development and Institute of Science and Management as well.

Aligarh Muslim University: AMU is ranked 801-1000 from the last year’s rank of 601-800 with 15, 627 students as full time equivalents. Two percent of its student’s population are international students and student to staff ratio is 12.3.

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