Web portal launched in West Bengal to provide real-time data of schools

27 Feb, 2019
Web portal launched in West Bengal to provide real-time data of schools

NOIDA- On Tuesday, Education Minister of West Bengal, Partha Chatterjee inaugurated a web portal, which is designed to furnish the data of state-run and aided schools in real-time. He said, “It would take us two months to make “Banglar Shiksha” live and running. The minister has also asked the concerned authorities to keep it updated frequently with the relevant details and information.

Mr. Chatterjee mentioned, “This is not only state’s but country’s first online initiative carrying such useful information of schools. The trial period of this portal will last for two months to remove the bugs if any. It will be officially made live on 1st May 2019.”

Mr. Chatterjee also said that the web portal will also hold the records of school attendance.

“We need to make sure it remains functional always, unlike the numerous other online initiatives in the previous agenda. This portal will help in fixing many issues, such as attendance of teachers and students. A class teacher needs to be present in the school to feed the data of academic as well as extra-curricular activities of the students,” he mentioned.

The minister also suggested that the school administrations should also upload the videos of live teaching sessions on this portal so that the quality of education can be assessed.

“The school principals and headmasters will have a pivotal role in furnishing the information. Portal training about the usability of this application will be imparted for the higher authorities of the school first. The state is very much concerned for introducing the e-learning in government-run primary schools, he mentioned.”

The school education department issued a statement saying that the portal will stock up the data and other information of five lakh teachers, 1.5 crore students, and one lakh schools.

“The portal will allow the class teachers and headmasters to access the performance of the students, academically and in extra-curricular activities. Parents, too, can access the information by downloading the ”Banglar Shiksha” app,” it added.

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