VP of India urges Private Educational Institutions to Reserve Seats for Poor Students

23 Oct, 2018
VP of India urges Private Educational Institutions to Reserve Seats for Poor Students

Noida 23rd October 2018: M Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India, has urged the universities and various higher educational institutions in the private sector to reserve some percentage of seats for the poorer sections of the society and subsidize their education. While delivering the 9th Convocational Address of the Lovely Professional University at Phagwara, Punjab, he quoted, “It is disappointing that the quality of education in the private sector has become out of reach for the people who fall under the poor category.”

He further asked, “Why, not the private institutions should set some percentage of seats for the students who come under poorer sections and subsidize their education”.

The Vice President stated that only the public sector won’t be able to render high quality education to all and thus the private sector should also need to take the onus.

He added that the industries and the private sector should cooperate with the government and support their efforts in providing quality education to all.

He quoted, “Our major challenge is to make sure that knowledge is given to all the sections of the society including every corner of the country”.

The Vice President further focused upon the overhauling of the entire education system of the country stating that most of our colleges and universities have become only the breading centers whose major aim is to produce students with degree certificates, however, they must focus on enhancing the critical analytical skills of the students.

He also expressed his concern about the students passing out of the universities and colleges with least employable skills.

The Vice President further inclined his concern towards the degrading performance of the higher educational institutes in India quoting that it is a high time to lay emphasis on the improvement of the standards of education system slowly and steadily and make it globalized.

He has given the direction for enhancing the number of institutions and universities in order to fulfill the burgeoning demand of the students looking forward to the higher education.

The Vice President also added that educational institutions should instill the employable skills and entrepreneurial spirit in the students.

Praising the farmers of Punjab for transforming the state into rice bowl of India, the Vice President instructed for making agriculture sustainable through creative techniques. He advised the students pursuing agriculture to invest some time with the farmers so that they might get the idea of the intricacies that the farmers suffer.

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