Uttar Pradesh Government to Employ Software to Stop Cheating in State Board Exams

10 Dec, 2018
Uttar Pradesh Government to Employ Software to Stop Cheating in State Board Exams

NOIDA: UP Government is concerned about keeping a vigil eye over the copying instances in the upcoming state board exams which are scheduled to be started from February 7. Deputy Chief Minister cum Education Minister of the State Dinesh Sharma said that the government will employ the software this year which performs a 4-step process to stop the cheating in the exams. The government is conscious about stringently monitoring to ensure fair exam conduct.

“The intention behind strict monitoring over exams is to stop unfair practice and improve the education quality within the state”, UP government stated.

As a result of the UP government’s painstaking efforts, the admissions in government schools have increased by 18-20 per cent after prohibition of unfair practice. This information was also provided by Mr. Dinesh Sharma while an interview with PTI.

He added that the UP Board exam will commence from February 7 and will wind up in the next 16 working days due to Kumbha Shahi Snan.

The shorter span for conduct of the exam will also enable the government to cut the cost to a large extent.

The Yogi government has taken a few stringent steps to keep a check over unfair practice in the UP board exams.

“Before the BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh, the prevailing atmosphere in the state prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to say that tenders are floated in UP for copying (UP mein to nakal ke tender hote hai). After the BJP came to power in UP, steps have been taken to curtail the evil practice,” the UP deputy Chief Minister said.

Sharma added that the instances of cheating in UP were beyond control that the students from specific states were allotted one exam centre. Such centres were marked and the government took strict actions to make sure that no unfair means are employed while exam. All the suspicious centres were under the strict monitoring last year.

“As a result, 67 persons were arrested from a place. A press printing answer sheets was unearthed in Jaunpur, while a gang involved in leakage of question paper was busted in Hardoi. Impersonators were caught in Kaushambi and Aligarh,” he said.

The irregularities and unsystematic steps were prevailing in the earlier process of setting up the examination centers. Now the process of applying to be allocated as examination centre is completely online and the schools will have to submit details of their facilities.

The software will select the exam centres based on the parameters & criteria recorded in it. The selected exam centres’ list will be displayed on the official website of UP board. Moreover, the officials will be disputed to analyze the glitches and shortcomings.

After the positive signs from DIOS about any centre, the district administration (SDM, ADM and DM) will also verify the same centre. The role of DM will be invigilated by the government to leave no scope for any error,” Sharma stated.

It will be mandatory for the exam cnetres to put CCTV surveillance, separate toilets for boys and girls and proper boundary covering the school premises. Special Task Force will be deputed at the suspicious exam centres with bad history to avoid any non-pleasant incident.

Last year, out of 67.22 children, who registered for board exams at different level, nearly 11 lakh didn’t turn up for the exam. According to the stats, the exam skippers were mostly from other states and countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

According to Mr. Sharma, “This year, the total number of the students who registered is 58 Lakh and the number of students from other countries is quite insignificant.

The highly sensitive exam centres will carry the records of Aadhaar number of the students linked with their registration. However, most of the centres are exempted from linking the Aadhaar card. The suspicious centres have been listed district-wise.

Talking about the steps taken by Yogi Government for the betterment of education in UP, he added that the 205 new schools were opened by the government last year. 166 out of these newly opened secondary schools are modern schools. He said that the next year target of the government is to open one adarsh vidyalaya (model school) in every division of the state.

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