UT Administration Complies with MHRD on Prescribing NCERT Text Books in All Schools

17 Sep, 2018
Prescribing NCERT Text Books in All Schools

Prescribing NCERT Text Books in All Schools – In conformity with MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), UT Administration has agreed to the recommendation of NCERT textbooks in all the schools. The circular of September 13 passed by DEO (District Education Officer) says that the principals of all private and government schools need to agree upon all the mentioned four order along with the compliance on NCERT textbooks.

As per the instructions by the Madras High Court, the MHRD need to comply with the prescription of NCERT books alone. The court stated, “all the schools can now prescribe and use NCERT books alone as per CBSE circular dated August 9, 2017, and other orders”. The inclusions in other orders imply that the students of Classes first and second should not be given any homework and also the guidelines of CBSE that the weight of the students’ bags should be reduced.

In the mean time, the High Court has also instructed the MHRD not to prescribe the subjects other than Mathematics and Language to the students of Class first and second. For the students of Class third and fourth, only the subjects of language, mathematics and environmental science should be prescribed. This has explicitly imparted a sigh of relief to the parents who have been striving hard since past two years to make the administration accept their request of prescribing only NCERT books in all the schools.

The parents of the students also lodged the complaint against private schools that they force the students to buy their set of books and want to create the state of monopoly. The load of subjects and studies that the junior class students handle was beyond imagination. They need to grasp the tough subjects like social studies, science and computer science.

Nitin Goyal who is the President at Chandigarh Parents’ Association stated “Private schools want to earn big commissions and therefore they are inclined towards prescribing some exceptional books that the students will get only at the shops they have tied up with. This is surely a kind of loot on parents. We have been making efforts since past two years to eradicate this issue.” He further added “this order has put a full stop on the loot the parents have been facing since long”.

On the other hand, CBSE has raised objection against the order passed by Madras High Court and challenge the same with the appeal.

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