UP Board Examinations 2019 will Knock in from February 7, says Dinesh Sharma

12 Sep, 2018
UP Board Examinations 2019 will Knock in from February 7, says Dinesh Sharma

NOIDA 12th September– Honorable Dinesh Sharma, the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has proclaimed that the UP board 10th and 12th examinations will be conducted from 7th February to the next 16 days of the current academic year, according to the ANI. It has been brought into the brief concern for all the UP Board affiliated students that the same will be the educational check and balance by the Ministry for the academic year.

As it is known across the country, UP is blemished with its irregularity in conducting the board examinations according to the other states and Union Territories. By driving away the blames of cheating and procrastination, the Deputy Chief Minister has shared the decisive schedule for conducting the same examination for all the affiliated students across the state. With the new firm decision aligned with the students, the Government seeks out to improvise the whole system efficiently.

All the malice that have been encountered yet starting from bribing the teachers, cheated qualifications, attaching currency notes in between the answer sheets will now all come to a halt as the examinations will commence on the definite date and adjourn within the prescribed tenure of 16 days. According to the news records and reports, almost 1862 students had qualified through illegal means.

An approximate number of 29lac students appear for the 12th board exams from all the three streams and 36lac in the 10th board examinations. It is expected that all the students qualify both the levels of board exams fairly and within the legal means with no bias on any grounds. Only to curtail all the shortcuts and unethical means, the Government has come up with such an enormous step that poses chances of the students to pass the exams successfully through their hard work and determination.

The other reason for preponing the exam is KUMBH. It has been seen that the roads are paralyzed due to excessive traffic, reason being Kumbh Shahi Snan. The Shivaratri Shahi Snan, which attracts horde the most, is expected to take place on 4th March. Hence, the board wants to wind-up the 10th and 12th exams well before this event.

The Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh is a legitimately registered autonomous board authority focusing in the designing and imparting of the best quality education to all its affiliated students every consecutive year for both 10th and 12th standard students. Since its enforcement in the year 1921 by an act of the United Provinces Legislative Council it has gained fame in the sphere of education or academics. The board authority has never failed to conduct the exams, declare the results and also carry on the process of re-evaluation of the answer sheets if any discrepancy gets discovered by the students.

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