University Students Protesting with Beef Festivals and Kiss of Love Spread unhealthy trends, Says Venkaiah Naidu

09 Oct, 2018
University Students Protesting with Beef Festivals and Kiss of Love Spread unhealthy trends

Noida 9th October 2018: As per the reports, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu stated on October 8 that the protests at the universities regarding the beef festivals and Kiss of Love were “unhealthy trends”. He further said, “If the students have their inclination towards a particular food and they wish to celebrate it, they can do it in private parties without making it a public matter inside the campus. This is absolutely not a healthy practice.”

These remarks were made by the vice president during the diamond jubilee celebrations of National Institute of Technology in Telangana’s Warangal. In the year 2015, the management has denied permitting the students of Osmania University in Hyderabad to conduct a beef festival inside the campus.

He also commented on the protests for Kiss of Love by the students and youngsters stating that if the students aspire to do kissing, they should better do it privately in their rooms, no need to make it public. Our culture does not teach us such kinds of immoralities.

Not only this, the vice president also focused upon the discrimination in religion and caste saying that it was saddening to see people clashing in the name of caste and religion. He added, “In the country like India where there is unity in diversity, we cannot tolerate the caste or religious discrimination.

Naidu stated, “Religion is personal and a way to lead life. We all should possess mutual honor towards each other’s culture and religion. This is where our moral values lie in.”

Naidu further quoted that science and technology should lead to the creativity and innovation in technology and betterment of human situation. The advancement in the technology was the major factor that is required to make our country a global economic power.

He added, “India is expected to touch the mark of five trillion-dollar economy by the end of 2025 and with this, our country would become the third largest consumer market across the globe. To enhance its growth and development in all the sectors, India will have to start the drive of innovation and remain in the limelight.

Naidu also focused on the collaboration of the National Institute of Technology and other institutions with the government with an objective to inspire the students to undergo various projects pertaining to rural India. He stated, “Apprehend about the intricacies of rural India and devise creative and innovative ways that are cost-effective too to fix the issues of health, education, drinking water, and transportation in rural regions.”

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