University of Sydney joins hands with India’s Tech Mahindra

16 Feb, 2019

Noida – Tech Mahindra has joined hands with the University of Sydney in order to encourage next-gen skills in Indian students. Today, the students across the country are proceeding to update their skill as per the demands are growing in the market so that, one of the leading software companies in India Tech Mahindra has joined hands with the University of Sydney, Australia. With this alliance, Tech Mahindra is aiming to prepare the future workforce. Now, the students studying at Tech Mahindra will be able to have a better understanding on the next-gen technologies and skills necessary to do tasks in the coming future. Tech Mahindra is the first software company who has joined the hands with University of Sydney, Australia.

This partnership is a continuation of the MoU (memorandum of understanding) signed between the University of Sydney and Tech Mahindra in February 2018 to collaborate in joint research projects on Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, security and VR, ML, blockchain technology, and partnership for experiential learning.

Through the alliance, the students will be able to learn University’s newly developed Industry and Community Projects Unit (ICPU). The students will be able to work on projects under various subjects, such as technology, farming, community development, law, sustainability, banking and health and more. Vice-Chancellor and Principal at University of Sydney, Michael Spence said “These projects bring students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds together to research, analyse and present solutions to real-world problems. We are equipping our students with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.”

Course Content

In the course, the 4 week long units will give chance to the student groups to work with an academic supervisor and industry experts, machine learning (ML), virtual reality (VR), leveraging next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and the Internet of Things in Tech Mahindra’s Makers lab.

“Through this collaboration with academia, industry and business, we hope to build a work force of the future,” Nikhil Malhotra, head of Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra, said in a statement. “We envision creating a talent pool that is more in tune with the practical insights around disruptive technologies, can benefit the Australian market, and enable Tech Mahindra to spot young talent,” he also added.



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