University Of Sydney Faces Internal Conflict for Agreement with Ramsay Centre

16 Oct, 2018
University Of Sydney Faces Internal Conflict for Agreement with Ramsay Centre

On October 15, Department of Media and Communications in the University of Sydney has commenced a motion quoting it “strongly opposes” the decision of the university to get into agreement with the Ramsay Centre.

According to the motion, “The rhetoric of western civilization is full of problems and surely contrary to that of the multicultural society of Australia and its role in the Asia Pacific region.”

Almost half of the staff in Sydney University has raised their opposition for the deal with Ramsay Centre.

Guardian Australia apprehends that there would be two other departments in the faculty of arts in which the western civilization degree could be implemented are also challenging the deal.

There were some academics that have the notion that university is not ready to discourse about the Ramsay Centre proposal and this is something sheer frustrating.

On October 12, a senior lecturer in English and linguistics, Nick Riemer, has written on the internal social network of the university that the university is not willing to enter into the discussions pertaining to the Ramsay Centre proposal and has adopted the silence.

A spokeswoman from the University of Sydney stated that the posts were only changed if they were “potentially defamatory”. However, the statement given by Riemer on social media platform that the university officials are silent on the issue is entirely wrong.

Annamarie Jagose, the dean of the arts faculty, quoted in a newsletter of the department that the western civilization program was “predicated on the superiority of a monoculture” and it was a “mischaracterisation”.

She further wrote, “The teaching of western civilization effectively and flawlessly to the students may lead to the new recruitment of the colleagues.”

She also stated that the draft MOU “preserves academic autonomy in every respect”.

The vice chancellor of the university, Michael Spence, quoted that he would soon give his views on the matter this week.

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