University of Manchester Reps replace clapping with Mexican waves

04 Oct, 2018
University of Manchester Reps replace clapping with Mexican waves

The wave of both the hands which comes under BSL or British Sign Language has been suggested by the Reps at the University of Manchester in replacement of the clapping which is a noisy appreciation.

Union officer Sara Khan stated that the traditional clapping may cause hassles to the students who are suffering from autism, deafness or other sensory defects.

However, this move was not at all appreciated by some people who blamed the authority to pamper the students much.

As per the new regulations, BSL or British Sign Language clapping will be used at various events like conversations, debates, panels etc.

With this, the other group of students and societies will be inspired to stay away from the noisy clapping and switch to BSL.

Building Respectful environment

The union’s liberation and access officer, Sara Khan, who has proposed the move at the recent event quoted that clapping, can give rise to the state of discouragement among the people to get involved in democratic events. She further added that jazz hands are much better sign of appreciation than noisy claps and also maintain the respectful environment.

She also stated, “I have seen many times in various events including Parliamentary debates that clapping and whooping transform the ambience into the noisy one that looks disrespectful.”

Ms Khan added that the union was looking forward for various other ways to make its events more healthy and impactful.

Most of them including the broadcasters Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine were among those who have discouraged the move clearly.

Morgan stated that it was an indication that Britain is losing its mind, whereas Vine posted an image of the soldiers in the trenches at the time of world war- I saying that they had not bothered with the trouble caused by the noises 100 years ago.

The National Union of Students after the introduction of BSL clapping in 2015 at its events stated that the individual unions must take care of their students’ needs and respond well.

It further quoted, “We all should carry an aspiration to improvise our public spaces with an aim to think about the comfort of all the society members.”

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