University of Calcutta invites Application to Occupy Mahatma Gandhi Chair

31 Oct, 2018
University of Calcutta invites application to occupy Mahatma Gandhi Chair

On October 29, The University of Calcutta has invited applications for “an outstanding scholar of national and international repute” to occupy the post of the Mahatma Gandhi Chair. The position was announced by state government’s Department of Higher Education, Biotechnology and Science and Technology pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary.

As per the notification released by the university, it is quoted, “The position of Mahatma Gandhi Chair would be occupied by the most competent scholar of national and international repute with great track record in the fields of Political Science/Philosophy/History and other streams of Social Sciences.

The major aim and thought behind forming this chair is that to inspire the scholars on Gandhi to know more about his great deeds and pursue research on Mahatma Gandhi. This objective is clearly mentioned in the notification.

The time duration of this post is one year; however, it can be enhanced to another two years.

The students will have to make the note of the deadline for submitting the application. The authority will take the same till December 31, 2018.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was the person who had made the declaration of this chair on October 2 on the birth anniversary of Mahatman Gandhi.

Now, the varsity is eagerly waiting for the candidate who follows the ideologies of Gandhi and holds the extreme level of wisdom to inspire others. The eligibility is an outstanding scholar of national and international repute and the nation wants to know about the candidates with such potential.

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