UK Universities to help Iraq combat Education Crisis

28 Sep, 2018
UK Universities to help Iraq combat Education Crisis

Noida 28th September 2018: Iraq has faced the chaos of wars, dictatorship, and invasion for almost four decades. In such a disruption where the citizens have to undergo deprivation of basic needs like water and electricity how can one expect to get a higher education.

There is a wide range of Iraqi students and professionals who have demanded advanced study methodologies and learning materials. Most of the Iraqi academics are quite insecure due to the interruption of political issues in the educational sector. As the reforms pertaining to higher education are managed by the government there, the development of the country in this sector is ceased.

The innovation and scholarship can create prosperity and knowledge in Iraq and for this higher education is the most significant element. However, Iraqi youths that form 50% of the total population are not getting opportunities for proper education.

As per the report of International Crisis Group, Iraqi youths are facing the state of unemployment that is pushing them to join militants or migrate somewhere else and survive. To change the ideology of the children there, there is the need for some balanced and stable education system in which the existence of political disruption is nil.

This is the situation where the UK universities can come into the picture. Multi-institutional Nahrein network is led by Professor Eleanor Robson at University College London and it gives a boost to humanity and cultural heritage in Iraq.

In the same manner, the University of Northampton has tied up with the University of Babylon since 2012. This collaboration has initially given wings to computing and nursing programme and now has also involved joint Ph.D. supervision, research, and staff development.

Bringing internationalization in higher education is a significant point that most of the universities are focusing upon. The campaigns like #weareinternational etc were also run in the favor of knowledge exchange and global scholarship.

There are various Iraqi students and academics that are in support of such campaigns and want stability in the education system. Right from their safety and the amenities they lack to the modernized techniques of education and advanced equipment, they need everything. They show their strong will for practical methodologies and up to the date study material for higher education that may help them to gain employability and skills at the workplace.

Though the Iraqi students are positive about their educational growth and development, the fact cannot be denied that there are still certain unknown factors that might impact the future of Iraq.

Writer by passion, journalist by profession, Ankit has a sensitive nose for news, especially about educational affairs.


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