UGC mentions certain guidelines for fee refund after admission withdrawal

03 Nov, 2018
UGC mentions certain guidelines for fee refund after admission withdrawal

NOIDA- UGC has published certain guidelines for fee refund that are supposed to be followed if the students withdraw the admission. This rule will be applicable under Section 2 (f) of UGC Act to undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs offered by universities and also the colleges that are affiliated by the universities and the institutes that are deemed to be the universities under Section 3, UGC Act. Not only this, the guidelines also demand for the retention of original certificates during admission by Higher Education Institutes.

On October 10, 2018, Prakash Javadekar, Union HRD Minister interacted with the media and declared this move of fee-refund guidelines.

HRD Minister further said, “Now the students are not supposed to give their original certificates pertaining to educational and personal information during the submission of admission form. Also, they will be refunded the fee amount in case of their withdrawal from the admission.”

Moreover, as per the guidelines, the Higher Education Institutes are not allowed to release a mandate for the students about buying the institutional prospectus. According to the Right to Information Act 2005, and it is also repeatedly stated by UGC that all HEIs will have to reveal the details pertaining to the institute that contains course related information, intake capacity, affiliation details and much more on its official web portal.

HEIs are not permitted to levy the fees for any year or semester except the one where the academic activities are there for the students.

There are various rules for fee refund that come under the guidelines issued by UGC in case of admission withdrawal and these are mentioned below:

Fee refund of 100%: If the student wishes to withdraw the admission 15 days or more before the deadline of admission as released by the authority, 100% fee will be refunded.

Fee refund of 90%: If the student wants to withdraw the admission less than 15 days before the end date of admission as per the notification, 90% fee will be refunded.

Fee refund of 80%: If the student wants to withdraw the admission within 15 days or less after the deadline given for admission, 80% of fee will be refundable.

Fee refund of 50%: in case a student decides to withdraw between 16 days and 30 days after the formally notified last date of admission.

The fee will not be refunded at all if the student wishes to withdraw the admission post 30 days of the deadline given for admission.

HEIs are not allowed to demand for the submission of original certificates from the students during admission. As per the rules, HEIs are supposed to check the original certificates physically during the admission and give them back to the students instantly. Only those certificates that are self-attested will be considered valid for admission. If HEIs have the doubt of originality of the certificates, they are free to go ahead and cross check from the related University or Board that has issued the document. However, they are not permitted to keep the original certificate of the student under any circumstance.

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