Two Indian Teachers shortlisted for $1 million Global Teachers Prize

14 Dec, 2018
Two Indian teachers shortlisted for $1 million Global Teachers Prize

NOIDA: Two Indian teachers have succeeded in making their place among the top 50 across the world for  the annual $1-million Global Teacher Prize, to be awarded by UK-based Varkey Foundation announced, London.  Swaroop Rawal, a Life Skills teacher at Lavad Primary School from Gujarat and Arti Qanungo, an English teacher at Government Girls Senior Secondary School at Shakarpur in Delhi have been shortlisted to compete with the othe 48 global teachers to bag this esteemed award. The announcement of the awards winners will be made in March at Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

“Global Teacher Prize acknowledges the efforts and endeavour of teachers and respects them; it gives recognition to the issues I have raised by giving it a global voice,” said Qanungo. Her name is shortlisted for her contribution to ensuring children, specially girls, from deprived section of the society, with the protection against social & sexual abuse and also, she has been imbibing confidence in poor girls to grow with learning.

On the other hand, Rawal said, “Good teachers can help children become good human beings, they can nurture love, wonder, curiosity and imagination. When we teachers share our lives, we can inspire young ones to become more empathetic, loving, caring and perhaps become more responsible beings.” She is shortlisted for her painstaking efforts to introduce unique pedagogy methods for the students struggling on the streets and rural areas. She teaches the students with debates, games, drawing, singing, group discussions, etc.

The organizing committee received 10,000 nominations from 179 different countries across the world out of which 50 teachers were shortlisted by for the Global Teacher Prize 2019.Five years ago, Varkey Foundation announced this prize to identify and appreciate the exceptional teachers who have been contributing a lot to the noble profession of teaching and justifying the importance of a teacher for welfare of the society.

“Congratulations to Arti and Swaroop for reaching the final 50. I hope their stories inspire those looking to enter the teaching profession and highlights the incredible work teachers do all over the world every day,” mentioned Sunny Varkey, the Varkey Foundation and the Global Teacher Prize founder.

The Global Teacher Prize was announced 5 years ago and since then it has inspired the inception of 30 national level prizes for teachers. It simply means that the influence of this global award has also grown national roots to adore the teachers with exceptional skills. Teaching is a pious profession and the capable group of the society should always organize the events to return them for their invaluable contribution.

Top 10 finalists will be selected by the prize distribution committee from the shortlisted 50 teachers and the 10 finalists are expected to be announced in Feb-March 2019. Global Teacher Prize Academy will choose the winner from the top 10 finalists. On 24th March 2019, the award ceremony will be performed at Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai where all the top 10 finalists will be invited.

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