Tamil Nadu Medical Students Convicted for Assaulting Tourist Woman in Puducherry

12 Sep, 2018
Tamil Nadu Medical Students Convicted for Assaulting Tourist Woman in Puducherry

With another havoc landing upon the land of India, Puducherry has gained some unexpected molestation tantrums thwarted by the two young literate boys on Monday. R Ramkumar, 28 pursuing MD and his friend R Ezhilarasan, 25 pursuing MBBS studying in the same college have been caught red handed in molesting a woman tourist at a bar cum restaurant in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Both boys, who were the expected young fame of the country, nowhere lagged behind in defaming the tourist in the bar after getting drunk at the bar that pulled them out of their conscious senses.

The arrested students were identified to hail from the same place of Tamil Nadu from the same college who have affected the mental peace and physical security of the tourist who had arrived from Pune to Puducherry on Saturday and had a plan visit to the bar cum restaurant with all her mates. The bar, which has got a dance floor, was planked by the boys, later joined by the woman and her pals were made uncomfortable by the victims found guilty. The woman in turn preferred to draft a complaint against the two boys in culmination of the Odiansalai Police after the shameful incident.

The accused were caught guilty and convicted by the police under section 354 which spells, assault or criminal force to women with intent to outrage her modesty and were obliged to serious punishment for committing the same. Moreover, under the section 506 (1) holding punishment for criminal intimidation of the physical assaulting accused of the Indian Penal Code and arrested R Ramkumar and R Ezhilarasan for the same offence.

There have been many issues incorporating at a stratified level and the same has been found emancipating in the Union Territory of Puducherry on the Monday. It is generally not expected on the part of the students to spill the misbehavior and insecurity actions over the tourists of the country after the evacuated senses on liquor in the bar. The first offence of drinking so high to lose out the senses had been followed by the students of such prestigious positions of MBBS and MD to sexually assault the woman thus, leading her to lodge a complaint out of insecurity and discomfort. Punishment on the part of the boys is expected for better hues of justice.

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