Sharda University Witnesses Rage after Assault of a Kashmiri Student in a Group Conflict

05 Oct, 2018
Sharda University Witnesses Rage after Assault of a Kashmiri Student in a Group Conflict

Noida: On October 4, 2018, a Kashmiri student had become the victim of the clashes in the campus of Sharda University, Greater Noida and got injuries. The matter started from the conversation by the group of students on a certain issue which was converted into a tiff between them. The situation was heated up and the Kashmiri student was badly injured in the tussle. After that, the student was immediately taken to the hospital for proper treatment.

This incident has given the spark to the heavy protests by the Kashmiri students in the campus of the university. No doubt the situation has worsened down and reinforcements have to come forward to fix the issue inside the campus. Due to all this hassle and havoc, the management has decided to shut down the university till further intimation. This step was taken to alleviate the protests and avoid the situation of any further physical violence in the college campus. Over 350 students of Sharda University have been booked by Greater Noida police to control the riots.

As per the reports, a student from Sharda University quoted, “Ahtisham was abused physically and become the victim of the violence that broke out between the Afghani and local students in the campus of the university. He added, “There was a group of students that brutally beat up Ahtesham and this has left him with some serious injuries.” Another student stated,” We have been asked by the local students to reveal our identities. We have confined us to the premises of varsity as we are feeling quite unsafe at Sharda University now.”

The other students are pretty much frightened with the protests and violence and are not ready to come to the university until the situation gets normalized.

Because of the physical violence and protests, there could be the probability that the mid-term examination would get postponed. The Sharda University will be closed until the time the situation of protests and clashes calms down.

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