Sharda University finds 8 Students Guilty For in-Campus Riots

10 Oct, 2018
Sharda University finds 8 Students Guilty For in-Campus Riots

Noida 10th October 2018: As per the official sources, Sharda University in Greater Noida has probed into the matter of violence that took place last week when the two groups of students were indulged into heated discussion and then physical violence and found eight students that were the main cause of the incident and were deeply involved in violence. The university has asked them to give reasons why they must not be dismissed from the campus.

On October 4, the university management had formulated a committee of three members to look into the case and do proper investigation of the violence that was broken out among the students from October 1 and 4.

On October 8, the committee had submitted its report mentioning about the culprits of the incident that took place inside the campus. The management of the university has also suspected the involvement of various disruptive anti social elements outside the university that had given fire to the small argument and turned it into a communal violence.

As per the orders given by the registrar, eight students have been accused for this incident, ten were imposed the fine for breaching the discipline of the university and four were the suspects.

Among the accused students, there were Afghanis also, informed by the university spokesperson.

Sharda University quoted in a statement, “Eight students have been accused as the main culprits and were asked to give reasons why they must not be thrown out of the university. Ten students have been given warning and they would remain on probation in the university while the rest of their studies. Not only this, they are supposed to submit an extra amount of Rs 25000/- as security fee or surety.”

Further as per the statement issued by the university, “Four students have been dismissed and within the time of two days they will have to face the inquiry committee, while other four have been given the warning and kept on probation for all their studies in the university.”

The statement added that the inquiry committee has made the decision to probe other students against whom they have discovered fresh evidence that are pointing towards their involvement in the violence. Not only this, the committee has also sent the notices to 15 other students; however, they are yet to respond on it.

A spokesperson from the campus informed that the classes inside the campus are running without any disruption.

There were various videos of violence between the Indian and Afghan groups of students that had come out on social media and the police had booked about 350 students for rioting and other related offences.

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