Shahrukh Khan to visit Oxford University after insisted by Malala Yousafzai

09 Oct, 2018
Shahrukh Khan to visit Oxford University after insisted by Malala Yousafzai

Noida 9th October 2018: It is an undeniable fact that celebrities hardly take out time from their busy schedule to take part in other events. But when the request of the same will come straight from Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Prize winner, exceptions will be there. Yousafzai aspires to invite the king of Bollywood Mr Shahrukh Khan to Oxford University and share his valuable words with the students.

Though it is the rarest of the rare that the big celebs accept the wishes of the people, Shah Rukh Khan responded well to her request stating that he will certainly schedule the meeting very soon.

In the year of 2016, November, Shah Rukh Khan was promoting his then latest film ‘Dear Zindagi’. At that time, Alan Rusbridger, the principal of Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University had requested Shah Rukh Khan to visit the Oxford University and talk to the students as they would love it.

Now, after two years, finally the Bollywood star is on the verge of accepting the request and doing the honor to meet with the students of Oxford University. The principal wanted him to talk to the students, share some inspirational and fan like moments with them.

Though two years lack, this request was not responded by him, the students of the Oxford University are still waiting for him, stated by Malala, one of the students in Oxford University pursuing the degree of PEE.

This time, Shah Rukh Khan responded well stating that it would be a pleasure and honor to meet her, and he was surely going to ask his team to make it happen.

He tweeted with a remark that he would love to meet her and the students of Oxford University and it would certainly his privilege. He also said that he will sit with his team to schedule the meeting as early as possible.

Malala stated that the students would probably be going to meet Shah Rukh Khan at Oxford University. We would be honored to talk to him and enjoy fan like moments.

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