School of Public Policy at IIT-Delhi receives grant of Rs 50cr from TATA Trust

17 Jan, 2019
School of Public Policy at IIT-Delhi receives grant of Rs 50 cr from TATA Trust

NOIDA: On Wednesday, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) declared an alliance with Tata Trust and the trust allocated a grant of Rs 50cr for five years for its School of Public Policy. The institute expressed a grateful gesture and said that the help from the trust would help in transforming the School of Public Policy in a hub of public policy research and education where the intersection of science & technology (S&T) and development would be possible.

The School is in the stage of hiring the first batch of faculty members. It is, in the initial stage, laying emphasis on six comprehensive overlapping topics: industry and economy; digital information and society; internet; energy & environment; food & water; agriculture; sustainable habitats; and health innovations & systems. The school is planning to introduce own UG programs with a contribution to IIT-D UG level education. The practitioners will also get the training opportunity here. Most probably, the first PG batch is expected to be announced in 2020.

IIT-D Director Ramgopal Rao, while addressing a press conference on IIT-D campus, said, “IIT Delhi has been recently awarded the tag of IOE (Institute of Eminence) for following the legacy of cutting-edge education in the field of science & engineering research & education in India. School Public Policy has emerged as an essential need when we think about dynamic and modern education. In fact, IITs in India are focusing on enhancing and transforming the intellectual system to undertake the technological & scientific challenges of the 21st century.”

Head of Institutions, Tata Trust, Manoj Kumar said, “the technology and science are globally advancing and creating the opportunities for world-class researchers and professionals, trained in public policy discipline.

Ambuj Sagar, the founding president of School of Public Policy said, “school has a major role to play to accomplish the objective of IIT-D, which is about enhancing engagement of citizen and public debate enrichment on technological & scientific advances. These advancements are reforming the world around us.

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