Role reversal in Odisha: Students to assess performance of teachers

29 Aug, 2019
Role reversal in Odisha: Students to assess performance of teachers

In Odisha, the increments and appraisals of the teachers will now depend on the feedback of the students on the basis of which their performance in classrooms will be assessed.

The Odisha government is quite concerned about establishing a transparent system to record the honest feedbacks of the students and then, make improvements in the learning outcomes and performance of state teachers in Odisha.

The students will be asked to rate the teachers on a scale of 10 after each class. After accumulating the feedbacks of the students, the appraisals of the teachers will be done accordingly.

The School and Mass Education Department of Odisha has already introduced this system in a few of the government schools on a pilot basis to receive feedback from the students.

School and Mass Education Minister Sameer Ranjan Das said, “we’ll take feedback from students. In every classroom, there will be a register in which teacher will have to enter the time of their entry and exit, topics that they taught in the class, and how many students were present.”

The department is also thinking about imposing a ban over the use of mobile phones by the teachers while addressing the classes.

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