Police arrests sanitary worker for harassing SRM University student sexually in elevator

24 Nov, 2018
Police arrests sanitary worker for harassing SRM University student sexually in elevator

NOIDA- On November 23, the police have arrested the male sanitary worker of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology under the charge of harassing a female student sexually in the lift of the campus where she was alone.

This action was taken another day after the heavy protesting of the students. They have raised their voice for the issue and also stated that the management of the institute never takes their matters on serious note. As far as this case of sexual harassment is concerned, the warden of the hostel has given the statement that the dressing style of the student has provoked the worker to do the same. The warden was also suspended next day.

As per the statement given by the university, “The delay in lodging the police complaint was there as the approval of the parents had to be taken and in the mean time the students started protesting. After the consent, the authorities of the institute have filed a police complaint and they immediately came into action and grabbed the culprit around 3.30 am. After the incident, a committee was formed to investigate the issue and then the warden was suspended.  The committee is also given the duty of recommending the security measures for the safety of the students inside the campus.”

This incident took place on Thursday afternoon in the lift when the female student was there. As per the allegations of the students, the worker was also there and he started masturbating himself in front of the student. When she tried to get out of the elevator, he stopped here from doing that.

The police have arrested the accused Arjunan Subramanian who is the worker in the institute for collecting the food waste from the mess.

As per the statement of one of the senior police officials, the culprit has been arrested under IPC sections 354 (outraging the modesty of women) and 294b (obscene act in public).

In the mean time, one of the students from the institute reported the media that there are total eight functional elevators in the building of the hostel and both the workers and the students use the same. There must be some other arrangement where two of the lifts should be allotted for the workers and rest six for the students. We had also lodged various complaints against the workers as they see through the windows of the hostel but all of them have gone into vain as the authorities never turn up.

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