PM has Proclaimed Education without an aim is not more than a Meagre Certificate

01 Oct, 2018
PM has Proclaimed Education without an aim is not more than a Meagre Certificate

Noida 1st October 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed on education betterment with the innovation of character building and also bringing better alterations across the country. He emphasized that education without an aim has no value rather than a mere certificate hanging on the wall or showcased to people around. While inaugurating the innovation of education and character building as the aims, the PM has also stressed into the principle of self-reliance, character building, and human values as the elements of education.

With the inauguration of the “Conference on Academic Leadership on Education for Resurgence”, he proclaimed that if there is no improvement in the education then everything seems to cease in and around. There is a need for a constant improvement bin education so that all the systems in the nation sustain with a pace and no one feels forced or burdened allegedly. Modi, in his speech, has addressed over 350 high educational institutions, Vice Chancellors and Directors.

He spoke lines on the resurgence of the education system with the motive of bringing certain changes that is beyond only receiving the certificates for the same. Modi had been fallen apart with a surprise for the Fraternity’s silence after referring to the IIM Act, which entitles it to decide the syllabus, course fee, and faculty allotments as well. The University’s Grants Commission decisive point on the graded economy is not only focused on improving the stand of education but will help institutions rise up to the best.

Economically aiding PM promised to invest an amount of 1lakh crore to the manifestation of the higher education under the Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE) by 2022, respectively as announced earlier in the budget.

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