Phase 1 of IIT Delhi Placements 2018 sees a significant hike of 22%

20 Dec, 2018
IIT Delhi Placements 2018

NOIDA- The 1st phase of campus placements has ended up at IIT Delhi and there is a significant hike of 22% as compared to previous year. Over 900 placement offers have been rolled out by the top-notch industries to IIT-D students in the first phase of campus placement. Not only the number of placement, but also the number of companies that visited IIT-D campus for placements has also increased by 20%. Phase 2 of campus placement is expected to start in January 2019 and it is said that over 150 companies are going to participate in the same to explore talent at IIT Delhi.

In order to adhere with the policies, IITs have collaboratively decided not to reveal the CTC details of the students who grab the highest offer at the campus. IITs took this decision for not supporting the ‘undue publicity’. As per an official statement released by IITs, this decision was made to avoid the publicity of the packages that create deep impact on decreasing the value of national placements comparing to internationals placements as well as core engineering jobs in comparison with finance and consulting jobs.

However, IIT Delhi shared the overall placement overview which says that there is a sharp increase in the domestic as well as international placements. At IIT-D campus, 43 students were offered international job opportunities from different regions of the globe, including US, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, European countries, etc. Out of 43, it is reported that 33 students have accepted their offers.

As per the official report, the students who are pursuing engineering from disciplines like electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, were more inclined towards core engineering jobs. The hotshot placements were reported to take place in the different domains of IT, including Machine Learning & AI, Data Science, Predictive Analysis, Stochastic Modelling, etc.

Prof. S. Dharmaraja, Head T&P, said emphasizing on this trend that the increase in the number of core engineering companies was already expected. Core companies in the domains of IT and other technologies yielded more than 70% job offers.

Ms. Anishya Madan, Industry Liaison Officer, (T&P), notes, “The efforts of the entire placement team of staff and volunteers coupled with the positive reaction from industry this year has translated into these hiring numbers. We hope this trend continues till the end of the season.”

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