Parents shouldn’t treat kids’ report card as their visiting card, says Modi at Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0

30 Jan, 2019
Modi at Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0

NOIDA- On Tuesday, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi said that the parents should not treat the mark sheets of their children as their visiting cards. Keeping “unreal expectations from the children” drive the kids to a stressful state.

“Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0” townhall at Talkatora Stadium was packed with over 2000 students, teachers, and parents from different regions of the country. Modi said that this is not at all fair to put unexpected burden over your wards just to achieve your unrealistic dreams.

According to PM, every child has different strengths and potential. Parents should always focus on knowing the positives of their wards. Treating the report cards of the kids like visiting cards adds extra pressure to their mind, which is not at all real and healthy.

The Gujarati idiom “Nishaan chook maaf, Nahin maaf nichu nishaan” citation by PM, while addressing the questions on high expectations was the main attraction. PM mentioned that it is fair setting the targets as per the capabilities of your kid.

He also remembered the Hindi Poet Gopaldas Neeraj by reciting his lines “Kuchh khilaune ke tootne se bachpan nahin marta hai.” According to PM, no child can be completely relaxed before board exams, which is quite a natural thing. But they should ask themselves if the exam is the end of the world for them. Once they find the apt answer to this, their stress will be released.    

The whole interaction was packed with some lighter moments as well. An aspirant of UPSC from Kerala and Modi, before answering the query, passed a compliment to him for his fluent Hindi. The entire hall was drowned in laughter and giggles when a parent from New Delhi complained that her ward neglects studies and plays online games the whole day. Modi responded saying “Is it PUBG?”

According to PM, it’s a good sign that children on a larger scale are getting more and more accustomed to technology and there is no harm in using the technology in a better way. Play station is exciting but playing in field is equally important for complete development of the kids.

On stress among students, PM said, “In a nation like India, it has become a challenge to keep the students away from stress and depression. Our culture is strong enough to overcome this threat. The more we talk about the factors that develop depression and hamper the mental health of the students, more we go close to finding the solutions. Expressing is better, rather than suppressing.

Writer by passion, journalist by profession, Ankit has a sensitive nose for news, especially about educational affairs.


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