Parents agitate against fee hike in Delhi-based private schools

13 Apr, 2019

NOIDA– In a private school in South Delhi, the parents of children agitated on Thursday. They accused the school authorities for cutting-off the electricity in the classrooms after their protest.

K R Mangalam School in Greater Kailash raised the fee by 12% and ignored the High Court order for not allowing the fee hike.

Sangeeta Arora, Principal K R Mangalam School in a statement said that the order of High Court is not applicable to their school as the school in not built on DDA (Delhi Development Authority) land.

On electricity failure, she defended the school administration by saying that it wasn’t a deliberately done act, but it occurred due to some technical glitch in power supply.

Father of a kid whose son is in 5th standard said that even after the HC order, the hike of 12% is not at all acceptable. Since the parents denied paying hiked fee, they turned off the ACs and fans and students had to bear the hot temperature. It might have affected the health of the kids.

Another parent Preeti Kapoor, said, “Height of shamelessness and irresponsibility has been seen in the K R Manglam School. Teachers left small kids alone and unsafe in the class against the protests, shocking to see that this can happen even in the world class school.”

The school management says that increasing the fee every year is natural. They need to give increment to their staff every year and the other expenses rise. They need capital to handle all such expenses and their source of income is only the fee of the students.

Writer by passion, journalist by profession, Ankit has a sensitive nose for news, especially about educational affairs.


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