Panjab University Girl Students Complain for Poor Hostel Facilities

30 Oct, 2018
Panjab University Girl Students Complain for Poor Hostel Facilities

Sarojini Hall which is popularly known as girls’ hostel 3 in Panjab University is again in news owing to its less spacious rooms, faulty wiring, more load, etc. This year in January, the unfortunate incident had happened when the room in the second floor went on fire and the girls had somehow managed to escape but failed to save their belongings.

A second year student of PG course, Nihal Kaur, stated that in this hostel, the incidents of flames and sparking are quite usual. The major reason for the same is that there was no renovation since the time it was established in 1967. Nihal Kaur is the student of human rights pursuing PG course from the university and is living with Aisha Jamal who is Zoology student in the fourth floor.

Aisha said that the dimension of the room is rectangular and there is quite a small passage between the two beds. Both of them have a common study table and cupboard. The girls further added that there is no mention of the shape, size and dimension of the room in the brochure of hostel. The authority does not even give them the clarity of sharing the study table and the cupboard.

Nihal who is also the student floor-in-charge added that every floor has total five units and every unit contains seven rooms. There is only one washroom for every unit that 14 girls will have to use. She added that this is not at all a problem since we have the system of balti and bathrooms are spic and span every time.

Though one girl is Sikh and the other is Muslim, both the girls have adjusted themselves into their lifestyles and have gained compatibility too. They wake up together and have their breakfast and then proceed for their classes.

On one side where the classes of Nihal get completed by 1 pm, Aisha has to wait for the classes from 2 pm to 5 pm post lunch. After that they do evening tea and snacks and their dinner timing is between 8.30 to 10 pm.

Nihal said, “We do not study much in the night and the fun begins after 1 am. Aisha sings well and also watches movies; all in all we enjoy good time.”

Both the girls enjoy having pizzas and rolls in the weekends. The hostel authority allows the girls to order food from outside and the guard himself informs the occupants to take their orders. Those who enter the hostel after 11PM will have to pay the penalty of Rs 250. The girls are comfortable with this curfew by the authority post 11 PM and have the thought that it should be implemented in boys hostels also.

Nihal quoted, “The gates of the hostel are closed between 11 pm and 5 am. Those who wish to do night out can come back after 5 AM. The students who are interested to study in the library will have to fill a form.

On this Aisha states that it is quite important to put certain restrictions in the hostel to maintain the discipline. For proper functioning of any college or institution, the management has to implement certain regulations that the students need to follow.

The hostel fee that the girls in Panjab University pay per semester is Rs 6,000. But the payment of canteen and mess bills will be given on a monthly basis.

The cost of every meal is between Rs 35 and Rs 40 and the students will have to make the payment of minimum 15 meals, no matter whether they have taken them or not.

Nihal stated that the process of hostel allotment is not at all seamless in PU and the demand is burgeoning every year. She added, “We want more number of hostels and good infrastructure facilities in the hostel.”

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