Panjab University Constitutes a Panel to Investigate Sexual Harassment of PhD Scholar

15 Oct, 2018
Panjab University Constitutes a Panel to Investigate Sexual Harassment of Phd Scholar

On Sunday, Panjab University (PU) Syndicate directed PU vice-vhancellor (V-C) Raj Kumar to constitute a body for investigating a sexual harassment complaint raised by a PhD scholar against the son of dean student welfare (DSW) (women) Neena Capalash.

The scholar officially filed this complaint after her scooter was collided with the car of the accused (DSW’s son). After completing the investigation, PU Committee Against Sexual Harassment (PUCASH) gave accused a clean chit and terminated the complaint.

Additionally, the PhD registration of the appellant was also cancelled by PU Syndicate as a punishment for lodging a false complaint on May 28, 2017. As a result, the appellant moved to Punjab & Haryana High Court against the verdict of cancelling her registration. In November, she got a stay on the decision by HC.

The drastic move came on Sunday when it was decided that the scholar would continue her PhD programme and keep receiving the scholarship as the decision is stayed by the court.

In the meanwhile, syndic Prabhjit Singh stated, “Legal retainer had filed stay vacation. It was questioned during the meeting. How can a legal retainer, without approval from the syndicate, file for stay vacation on the recommendation of previous V-C Arun K Grover?” And, this reason was considered legitimate.

The syndicate approved the temporary charge of registrar handed over to UBS Professor Karamjeet Singh after ratification of the same. However, syndic Sanjay Tandon cleared that the VC should have kept the syndicate informed about giving the temporary charge of registrar. He added, “Syndicate doesn’t have problem with anyone’s appointment.”

Syndicate also urged the university administration to continue with the constant appointments for the designation of registrar, Dean College Development Council (DCDC) and various other posts. The opinions of syndics differed on the discussion about giving the charge of DCDC to someone else. According to them, it was not on the agenda.  Presently, Parvinder Singh (Controller of Examination) is also administering the charge of DCDC.

PU agreed on faculty’s API calculation during leave 

University Grants Commission (UGC) issued a notice on 5th September on faculty’s Academic Performance Indicators (API) calculation during leave, which was also approved by Panjab University Syndicate on Sunday.

The UGC had raised a notice in regards to extension of the regulations 2018 in calculating the API scores of teachers, in adherence with UGC regulations 2010.

Inder Pal Sindu from syndicate said that the assessment shall exclude the different other paid leaves such as child care leaves, study leaves, ELs, maternity leaves, medical leaves, etc. It will directly mean that the promotion of teachers, who took such leaves, will not be affected.

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