Oxford Dictionary declares ‘Toxic’ as word of the year

16 Nov, 2018
Oxford Dictionary declares ‘Toxic’ as word of the year

NOIDA- Oxford Dictionary has declared “Toxic” as the Word of the Year 2018. The words of the years 2016 and 2017 were emoji and youthquake respectively. In comparison to these two, this year’s word is darker and depicts the reality of the world. During the declaration of the Word of the Year 2018, Dictionary has quoted in a video that it was the extremity of its application that has made it word of the year 2018.

As per Oxford Dictionary, toxic means ‘poisonous’ and it has been applied by a large mass of people to elaborate a wide range of events. This word can be used to describe any sort of poisonous material or stuff that is quite harmful to the health of the people all around and largely the environment. This word was in the limelight in various discussions related to various events like toxicity of plastics and much more.

According to the research, large number of people have been applying the word ‘toxic’ to define a wide array of events, things, concerns and situations. The video further quoted that the word toxic has been accepted as a metaphor to elaborate the relationships, cultures, work places, thought process and other related things. The usage of this word can also be seen in the #MeToo movement when the emphasis is laid on toxic masculinity.

The word has a very great concern with India, especially in New Delhi where the “Toxic Air” is everywhere. The major cause for the same includes the pollution and the adverse impact is laid on general public. In this case, the word is not used as a metaphor rather it is applied in literal form. As the Air Quality Index has touched the Hazardous level many times in the recent past of 10 days, the population of Delhi may have applied the word toxic in various instances more than any other word.

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