Osmania University gains accolades from Directorate of Science and Technology

25 Sep, 2018
Osmania University gains accolades from Directorate of Science & Technology

Noida 25th September 2018: Department of Science & Technology has awarded Rs 8.1 crore to Osmania University for its research publications. The university has taken the award during Phase II of PURSE or Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence.

The Union Ministry of Science and Technology has bestowed this award to Osmania University in recognition of its efforts. The university has gained much acclamation globally for its research articles which were published in the international journals.

The varsity has been picked for PURSE for the second time. The first time recognition was given to Osmania University for its contribution in developing an upgraded facility for metal analysis and also the facility for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. It has utilized the amount granted by the department in Phase I or PURSE on this research work.

There are total 14 universities in the world who are chosen second time for PURSE in h-index and research publications and Osmania University has made its place in it.

Prof. Shashidhar Rao, faculty at Bio-Chemistry department of OU and coordinator of PURSE scheme, stated,” Osmania University has bagged various awards under PURSE from Department of Science and Technology and every time it has used the award amount for research work. Now this 8.1 crore amount received by OU will be used in buying the latest technology equipment for further research work.”

Under PURSE scheme, Department of Science and Technology renders financial aid to the universities for advanced research equipment, computation facilities, research manpower, workshops, infrastructure, seminars and much more.

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