Only 23% of temporary Delhi school teachers qualified permanent recruitment exam

02 Mar, 2019
Delhi Teacher

NOIDA– Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) has submitted a statement that says only 23% of guest teachers in Delhi government schools secured passing marks in exam for permanent recruitment. It has come as a shock for the education department.

Presently, over one-third capacity of teachers in Delhi government schools has been occupied by the guest teachers working on a contractual basis. There are 66,736 sanctioned teaching posts, out of which 25,000 have been filled by the contractual teachers. Most of the guest teachers have been serving in Delhi school for many years now. It’s been a long-standing problem for the educational department to recruit permanent teachers in Delhi government schools.

DSSB submitted an affidavit in the Delhi High Court saying that to fill the 9,556 vacancies in Delhi schools, the entrance exams were conducted between July and November 2018 wherein 7.5 lakh candidates participated. Also, 1.5 lakh candidates participated in the entrance exams conducted for 5,906 vacancies in municipal corporation schools.

However, board had a bitter experience while conducting the permanent recruitment exam for guest teachers in Delhi- their ‘sub-standard’ performance reflected when out of 21,135 serving teachers, 16,383 failed to score the minimum passing marks.

The numbers are highly disappointing in certain subjects. 135 guest teachers applied for 30 positions for Math (PGT Male) – not even a single guest teacher could score minimum qualifying marks. On the other hand, out of 369 teachers who applied for 12 PGT (Math Female) positions, only three could manage to score minimum marks.

For the PGT (English) vacancies, the stats were even worse where only 1 from 732 guest teachers could make it for the 83 female vacancies for 12 PGT (English). Whereas for 12 PGT (English) 73 male positions, only 26 out of 248 could score minimum marks.

According to a guest teacher working in Delhi government schools since 2013, the exam was conducted in the peak school examination session and due to excessive workload, they didn’t get the time to prepare for this. It’s been years that they are working on a contractual basis.

On 4th March, the matter will be escalated in the court to get the verdict of court over if the teaching contracts should be extended or not. This statement was given by an official from DSSB.

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